Something's happening.....


A shift is occurring.....


Women are coming together, to support and uplift one another....




Do you hear the call of the GODDESS/the DIVINE FEMININE?


Are you ready to step into and EMBODY your POWER?


Do you CRAVE connection with like-minded women who will uplift, encourage, and empower each other?


Does your HEART resonate when you hear the terms "SISTERHOOD" and "SACRED CIRCLE"?


Are you ready to embrace your SENSITIVE STRENGTHS?


If your heart is screaming “YES!”, then I have something very special for you:


The Pleasure & Possibilities Membership


Welcome to THE PLEASURE & POSSIBILITIES MEMBERSHIP! An elite group of powerful Goddess Creators -who also happen to be Sensitive!


“Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much.”

~ Helen Keller


You know what it means to be a conscious, deliberate co-creator. You are a spiritual being and crave deeper connection to others of like mind and spirit. You are exploring ways to connect even deeper with your spiritual self and others who are on a similar path. Sacred Circle and Sisterhood are terms that are being whispered in your ear by Spirit.  You know or believe you are Sensitive and have been struggling with your sensitivity so you wish to explore this concept with others who are also Sensitive.



“Connection is why we're here. We are hardwired to connect with others, it's what gives purpose and meaning to our lives, and without it there is suffering.” ~ Brené Brown


It's time to surround yourself with women who are journeying with Universal Law, exploring and embodying their Goddess energies and embracing their Sensitive Strengths. This is the place where we will hone our skills, walk our talk, and have fun along the way! If you are interested in hanging with amazing Goddess Creators, exploring your unique Goddess Energies, leveraging your Sensitive Strengths, and prioritizing pleasure while creating possibilities, then The Pleasure & Possibilities Membership is for you!


Yin and Yang are meant to work in balance to one another. As is Masculine and Feminine. We've lost that balance and it's time for us to reclaim it. We do this by first reclaiming our Divine Feminine Energies. You want to know WHO YOU ARE at the core of your being. Once you've discovered these Core Goddess Energies, then you want to LIVE from those energies as you DANCEwith your life and the Divine!


We have been living with an ideology that no longer serves – and possibly never really did. We've lost our connection to the land. Our connection to our communities. Our connection with our world. And with all the technology, we have still managed to lose our personal connection. Just try to talk to an actual person when calling for customer service and you'll understand what I am saying to you. It is time for us to reclaim connection. Reclaim stewardship of our spaces. Reclaim stewardship of the land. Reclaim living in alignment with the cycles and seasons of nature. This all begins with reclaiming our right to BE – unapologetically WHO WE ARE!


What world would you love to co-create? Are you ready?


There are 2 ways to join this celebration:


Annual Subscription - $250 per year  




 Monthly Subscription - $25.00 per month 


To join, simply click on "Become a Member" and pick your subscription plan!



Here is what you get with your membership:


1 – A Forum for Interaction with the Membership!


2 –Monthly Video on the Topic of the Month!


I will post a video to the membership site at the beginning of each month discussing the theme we will be exploring that month.


ie) Self-Love

Spiritual Practice





3 - Monthly Healing Circle


Once per month we will gather in Circle via Zoom to share whatever is weighing on us. Each person will be given an opportunity to share and be witnessed. Sometimes all we need is the experience of being seen and heard – which in and of itself is deeply healing.


4 - Monthly Dance Experience


Once per month we will gather together via Zoom to dance. It may be a Groove or it may be a Conscious Dance experience but it will be the opportunity to use your body creatively.


5 - Periodic Challenges!


Meditation, Gratitude, Mirror Work, periodic structured practices that we will partake in together as a community.


6 - Book Study


Reading and discussing various books as a community.


7 - Workshops!


Various workshops will be created and recorded as part of the membership benefits.


ie.) Cultivating Courage

Cultivating Forgiveness

The Worthy Goddess

The Wealthy Goddess

The Dancing Goddess


8 - Members Only Discounts!


Your membership will provide you the opportunity to take part in courses/programs created at 50% off the investment for the general public.


MORE TO COME! - Who knows what we'll create as the group gathers momentum!


“We rise by lifting others.” ~ Robert Ingersoll


We are a Community of like-minded women who are ready to explore their divinity, embody their fullness of Power and Presence, stand in their Goddess Power and be supported by fellow travelers on this path.


This Membership is for you if:


  • You are feeling the desire to be in community with others of like-mind

  • You are creating a spiritual practice to support yourself or looking to deepen the one you currently have

  • You are craving connection

  • You desire to explore your Goddess Energies

  • You love to move your body and desire to explore how that can be incorporated into your daily spiritual/energy practice

  • You have a love of learning

  • You love being held in a supportive container


The Benefits of Membership include:


  • Growing your Confidence

  • Comradery

  • Connecting with your own Body Wisdom

  • Support

  • Encouragement

  • Connection with your fellow Goddesses and with your Source


“The world needs you cracked open.” ~ Rebecca Campbell


It is my sincere wish that if you are drawn to the Pleasure & Possibilities Membership, you will say “YES” to yourself and join our celebration! I so look forward to sharing this journey with you!


May your life be filled with laughter & magic!





Annual Subscription - $250 per year 


Monthly Subscription - $25.00 per month


To join, simply click on "Become a Member" and pick your subscription plan!