Is This You?

  • You catch your reflection and don't recognize the woman staring back at you?

  • You are are widowed and cannot understand how life can go on "as usual" when your world has been turned upside down

  • You wrestle with your feelings of anger over the loss because you don't know how to safely express and release that anger

  • You wrestle with feelings of guilt because you are feeling that anger or feeling relief from no longer having to be a care-giver

  • You feel you are just going through the motions -existing but not really engaging in life

  • You hear "Stop being so sensitive!" or my personal favorite, "Stop taking everything so personally!"

  • Emotions seem to hit you out of nowhere

  • You cry at the drop of a hat - for what feels like no apparent reason - and everyone dismisses you as a "cry baby"

  • You are waiting for "the other shoe to drop" because there must be a price to pay if you experience any pleasure

  • Your happiness is tied to certain circumstances being in place - "this and then I'll be happy" energy

You have found your way here because -

  • You sense you have “lost” yourself and strongly feel the call to “put yourself back together”. You are ready to move forward with life but don't quite know how.

  • You are exhausted with wearing the masks society dictates yet feel unsure of your identity without them

  • At the core of your being, you know life should to be FUN, and you need support in prioritizing your pleasure

  • The fatigue of feeling stuck, spinning your wheels, holding on to past issues, and allowing yourself fully feel your grief has set in. You're prepared to receive support around making peace with the past, strengthening your mindset, and claiming and embodying your power to move forward!

  • You know you need support that is beyond what is currently available to you

  • If you are ready to:

  • Transform your wounds into wisdom and attain peace to propel your life forward

  • Release what no longer serves you and EMBODY WHO YOU TRULY ARE and the MAGIC YOU POSSESS.

  • Allow yourself to be unapologetically YOU!

  • DANCE™ with your life

  • Explore what is possible when you give yourself permission to Prioritize Joy, Laughter, Pleasure and more!

  • Create a life filled with Pleasure & Possibilities...........

I can show you how Mentoring can help you to re-discover the joy and magic in your life!

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