How well do you understand yourself? How often do you check in with your soul when you make a decision? Do you live your life in accordance with your strengths and talents? Do you even know what they are? These may seem like silly questions but the answers hold the key to who you truly are. Are you open to Discover who you truly are? Often, you can go through life totally out of touch with what makes you tick….what makes you feel joy…what lights you up. You may even feel that knowing yourself at the surface level is all you need but are you really giving attention and credence to your own needs and desires based on who you are? The first step in DANCEis to DISCOVER who you are at your core.

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Are You Ready to DANCE With Life?

You've heard the phrases “Dance with Life” and “Dancing with the Divine” but do you really understand what these phrases mean? And how do you possibly consider that life is a DANCE? That what you do on the dance floor can equate to how you choose to move through life?


In this article, we are going to explore this concept of DANCE. Are you ready to dive in?

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What Makes You Sparkle?

(This article appeared on the blog back in 2018 but feels very pertinent now so here it is again!)

Here's a question for you. What have you done today that brings you joy? That lights you up? That has you feeling Beautiful? Alive? Sexy? What have you done today or what will you do today that is just to please YOU?

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What Do You Really Want?

Everyone wants to be “successful” in life and we all want to leverage the Law of Attraction to gain that success. But what does it mean to be “successful”?  And how do you truly leverage the Law of Attraction?

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