Fire Up Your Magical Manifesting Powers with Emotions

I know you understand the importance of visualizing your desires. Perhaps you've made a vision board for 2019 or even spent some time writing out your intentions for the year and meditating on them. Being able to hold onto your vision is a key component in the manifestation process. Hold tight to your vision. Think about it. Speak about it. Act as if it's already a done deal. But, there is another key component to the process that many of us tend to forget about. It is the “rocket fuel” that really moves those desires from the non-physical stuff into form.

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Reflect and Design 2019

Christmas is almost upon us and the New Year is not far behind. This is a time of celebration and excitement… of possibilities. This is also a perfect time for reflection and resolutions/goal setting/planning. It’s the perfect time of year for those of us who choose to be conscious co-creators. It’s the time to take stock of what was created, what worked well, what didn’t turn out as planned, and what you learned that you will take with you into the New Year. Setting the intention for what 2019 can be is a huge energetic statement. This doesn’t need to be a daunting task though. The more playful you can be with the process, the better. Here is the process I like to take myself through. Feel free to use it, or adapt it to make it more you. The important thing is to do it! CHOOSE to make 2019 the year that you create your most delicious life to date!

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Why Sisterhood is the Medicine You Seek

Do you ever feel that your life is not your own? You find yourself just going through the motions day to day. Life has become rote and routine. In many ways, you may find yourself living for others. Nothing you do feels like you....what you love....who you are....what you value. Is this resonating?

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I'm Mad as Hell and I'm NOT Gonna Take it Anymore!

If you live in the US, no matter what side you may be on, the energetic climate is quite palpable and at times very hard to feel/witness. I am an Emotional Empath – which means I can sense the emotions of others and sometimes even take them on as my own. This energetic climate can overwhelm me very easily without my extreme self-care tools. Sometimes that tool is to simply “turn off” and “tune out.”

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