Truths for the Groove DANCEfloor and for Life: Truth #4 – No One Can Do This for You!

How many times have you imagined having an assistant that would do all the things you didn't want to do for you? Did you ever once imagine a person who could move your body for you and you would reap the benefits? While we may have supportive friends, family, and mentors to guide us, there are certain aspects of personal growth and self-discovery that no one can do for us. Moving the body is certainly one of them. Let's explore the ways where no one can do it for you!

Truths for the Groove DANCEfloor and for Life: Truth #3 – You Are Unique!

Dancing is a symbol of expression and creativity and a reflection of life's essence. Just as no two people dance the same, every person holds within them a unique blend of talents, experiences, and perspectives. Being unique on the dance floor and in life is not only a gift but also an opportunity to embrace your authenticity fully. Let's explore the importance of celebrating your uniqueness and the power of being true to yourself, both on the dance floor and off.

Truths for the Groove DANCEfloor and for Life: Truth #2- You're Way is the Right Way!

Dancing is a beautiful way to express yourself, a universal language that transcends cultural boundaries. It allows us to communicate, celebrate, and connect with others in a unique and rhythmic manner. However, in today's society, there seems to be an increasing emphasis on conforming to certain dance styles or techniques, which can inadvertently stifle individual creativity and discourage personal expression. It is time to challenge this notion and celebrate the idea that your way of dancing is the right way. Let's embrace our individuality and creativity on the dance floor and in our lives!

Truths for the Groove DANCEfloor and for Life: Truth #1- No One Cares What You Look Like!

One of the most common objections I hear when inviting people to a Groove experience is “Oh I can't dance and I don't want people staring at me thinking about how ridiculous I look” or words to that effect. First off, EVERYBODY can dance. If you don't believe me, just watch a toddler move to music. It's an innate ability that we are born with which gets conditioned out of us as we age. Secondly, I share the #1 Groove Truth which is:


No One Cares What You Look Like on the Dancefloor!

The Habits Successful Goddess Sisters Embody


In my work as a Sacred Happiness Mentor, there are patterns of behavior that I have noticed my most successful clients demonstrate. These patterns of behavior are habits or ways of thinking and being that they have developed as a result of our work together. Many of my clients are familiar with the Law of Attraction and Deliberate/Conscious Creation. They understand the mechanics and that there are more Universal Laws at play – the Law of Attraction is just one of many.


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