Your Power is Now!

We've all heard the phrase, “Your power is in the present moment.” This is ancient wisdom but do we really understand how true this is – from a conscious creation perspective? Do you fully understand just how powerful your thoughts are?

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Increase Feelings of Pleasure with Laughter

Have you heard the saying,“Laughter is the best medicine”? As the Goddess of Pleasure & Possibilities, I truly believe this to be true. I love to laugh. No surprise there with the Goddess of Pleasure as my Influencing Goddess Archetype! Laughing is infectious and humor can be very healing. It increases feelings of happiness. Laughter creates connection. Laughter truly is potent medicine for the mind, body and spirit. Humor and laughter can strengthen your immune system, boost your energy, diminish pain and protect you from the damaging effects of stress.

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3 Ways to Let Go of Overwhelm

Reading or listening to the news – or even in my feed on Facebook – can create feelings of:



Anger and even Rage.

It's not a pretty picture.
Children are dying of starvation. Animals are dangerously close to extinction due to trophy hunting. Children are committing suicide due to bullying or confusion around their sexual orientation. People are shot because of the color of their skin. Human trafficking is still alive and well – so is genocide and racism. And sexual predators are in political positions of power.

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It's Time to Heal!


There is a dangerous dis-ease in our midst. It permeates the body, mind, and spirit and wreaks havoc everywhere it goes. It causes us to lose our connection to who we truly are and what we KNOW about ourselves. We constantly question and second guess ourselves due to this illness. It keeps us playing small.

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