The Healing Power of Nature

The energy is something lately, isn't it? As an empath and Highly Sensitive Person (HSP), it can be very difficult to navigate times of intense energy. It can be hard to know what is mine and what belongs to others. It's times like these when it is absolutely crucial to manage your energy. So, what do I mean by “manage your energy”? I mean taking time for extreme self care. Taking time and using your spiritual and physical tools that nurture and nourish your body, mind, and soul.

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l It's a Good Time to Calibrate Your Intentions

Spring represents energy of opening, awakening, and newness.  There is excitement for what is about to bloom.  What "has been" and "what is" is replaced with what "can be."  As Nature gives birth so can you give birth by releasing all that no longer serves you and inviting in new beliefs, thoughts, ideas and attitudes that DO serve you.  "Spring Cleaning" doesn't just refer to cleaning your home and garden but also yourself!  Just as your outer world needs to be weeded and the soil turned and new seeds planted, so your inner world needs that same tending. And this is the perfect time to tend to our internal cleansing! This time of “cocooning” lends itself to introspection, reflection, and calibration. The time to feel into the womb space and ask our souls “what is wanting to be birthed?”

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Stay Connected to Your Goddess Power!

These are interesting times. We are collectively experiencing a crisis like none before. Many of us are sequestered in our homes. In fact, here in the US, we are approaching the end of week 2 of “sheltering in place” or “social distancing” in the official capacity (many of us have been doing this for a bit longer). We are discovering how much we crave connection to others.

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How Well Do You Maintain Balance?

If trying to maintain balance in your life makes you feel like a tightrope walker, you’re not alone. We all have so many demands on our time and energy; life can feel like a three-ring circus. Take this quiz to see how well you are meeting responsibilities, while also recognizing and fulfilling personal needs and wants.

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