I have had the privilege to work with Elaine Torrance-Gingrich for the past few months. I came to her because I wanted my joy back! I wanted to feel alive again. I had been feeling scattered, confused and my life was a disorganized mess! She has guided me in such a way that has shown me I can heal myself (life). It has been an eye opening experience to find that I have more power within me, power I never knew existed. Elaine gave me homework, which helped me to be accountable for my own progress. I began to organize and de-clutter my life. I see my sensitivity as a gift and enhancement to my life. I no longer feel that my sensitivity is a hindrance or something to be ashamed of. I feel lighter, happier & more focused on what I want out of life these days. I am allowing others to be who they are, and give up control. I am responsible for me and me alone. What a freeing statement that is! If you are looking for a life coach, Elaine is highly recommended. She is passionate about what she does, and it shows! You may contact me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if you have any questions that I may help answer.


Jannette Kortman
Cleanse Your Soles