When I first spoke with Elaine on a Skype call from my apartment in St. Kitts, I felt stressed and anxious transitioning my ‘home’ back to the United States. I have a tendency of feeling scattered and overwhelmed during transition and lose my sense of groundedness. Elaine served as my solid foundation during this time, really helping me get clear on what I wanted in my new home in Colorado and having faith that it would all come together with ease. After finally releasing much fear, worry, and doubt around finding the perfect living space, our new home was revealed to my partner and I, and it was exactly what we asked for. I am now living in an ideal location, in my ideal apartment, at the ideal rent I asked for. Elaine’s clear guidance and support helped me get really clear on what I wanted and did not want so that I did not feel I had to settle for anything else. I appreciate her accountability every other week, providing the structure I need during this time of adjustment in a new location.

Karina Antonopoulos