I took Elaine’s Goddess Archetype Intensive not knowing what to expect. I was having difficulty articulating what I am meant to contribute to the world in a way that felt authentic. What I received from the Intensive was some wonderful clarity about me and the way I operate. The information really helped me crystallize my core offerings and become more secure in what I am here to contribute. I find myself referring back to this information frequently when I am trying to decide the next best step for me. Another aspect of the intensive that I just loved was the gentle way that Elaine guided me through developing a set of very personal affirmations to take forward. I use these every day and love the way they make me feel. I highly recommend Elaine and her Intensive. She teaches from the heart and intuitively knew the best way to support me. Thank you Elaine!


Cindy Baker
Touched By a Paw
West Chester, PA