My sessions with Elaine Torrance-Gingrich helped me focus on the issues which have been holding me back in my life at this time, in a way I don’t feel I was able to do on my own, despite being one who always lives “the examined life”.  One of the most helpful realisations that came from her guidance was that all the issues in my life are connected to one central emotional issue, not really separate problems to solve but things that, with an emotional shift, have begun to fall into place.  The transition has been rather swift, and I accredit it largely to the explorations she and I did together.  Working with Elaine, issues became areas of excitement and possible expansion, instead of imploded dark “problems” which they felt like, before our sessions.  The process was accomplished with a light touch, in fact I like that word “light”, in thinking of what we did together…shining a torch into the dark corners and finding buried treasure.  Elaine is a truly gift guide for women in transition.


Michelle MillerAllen