Elaine, Thank you so much for the work we have done together. I feel working with you has helped me in so many ways. I originally came to you to try your work out for myself as I wanted to see if you were up to my standard of Experts for GHE, to see if I was comfortable recommending you to my community. I was also struggling with my abundance mindset and ability to allow myself to receive. And let’s not forget my lack of self care. I was working myself to the bone, taking no time for myself and was feeling overwhelmed and overworked. Over the time we have been working together you have exceeded my expectations.

I look forward to our fortnightly sessions. With your loving energy, listening, advice and HOMEWORK, we have been able to uncover some emotions I have shoved down for nearly 40 years. Some of the things I had no intention of telling anyone about or addressing, have come to light and you have done it in such a patient way that I feel so comfortable speaking with you about these issues. My mindset around abundance and receiving has shifted immensely and I have created some self care rituals that have me really nurturing the Goddess that I am! I am also happy to say that I am now taking more time off to spend with my partner and friends. I am having a social life again! I thank you for your continued support through this process and will recommend you wholeheartedly. I LOVE your work. I LOVE our sessions ;)


Sharon White
Global Healing Exchange