Elaine has made a huge difference in my life. When I came to her, I felt scattered and unfocused. I was overwhelmed by all I had going on in my life and felt unsure of myself and my value both personally and professionally. First off, Elaine is a great listener. As I shared all that was going on for me, I felt seen and heard.  You can be sure that she fully understands any problem you may have.  She also has the ability to hone in on a problem, narrow a problem, and guides you to resolve a problem.  Second, Elaine held me accountable.  She kept me from procrastinating and kept me on track.  She shines the light on beliefs that held me back and helped me to choose beliefs that empowered me to move forward. Because of Elaine, I had the ability to tackle personal and professional issues that occurred in my life.  Elaine doesn’t solve problems for you, but she gives you all the tools you need to find your own solutions.  Elaine is very professional and I highly recommend her services.


Christina Fisher, Esq.
Harrisburg, PA