In my work as a Sacred Happiness Mentor, there are patterns of behavior that I have noticed my most successful clients demonstrate. These patterns of behavior are habits or ways of thinking and being that they have developed as a result of our work together. Many of my clients are familiar with the Law of Attraction and Deliberate/Conscious Creation. They understand the mechanics and that there are more Universal Laws at play – the Law of Attraction is just one of many.


My clients have also come to understand that there are certain ingrained habits that need to be shifted as those habitual ways of thinking and being limit not only their ability to manifest but also their connection to their own Inner Goddess.



So here are the habits or ways of being my clients come to embody:


  1. Release Blame/Victim Mentality and Accept Responsibility


As deliberate, conscious, co-creators with the Divine, they understand that they are 100% responsible for their lives. They understand that when you blame or play the victim, you are giving away your power. Now, that doesn't mean that they don't feel this way periodically as feeling victimized and wanting to blame is part of being human. What it does mean is that when they catch themselves in that energy, the quickly shift and call back their power. They know that the are always able to weild the Power of Choice. They get to choose how they perceive and how they react. Do they see tragedy/stress/anger or do they see opportunity for growth?


  1. Abundance Mindset


They understand the key concept that abundance is already present around them. If they are experiencing circumstances where there is lack, they know that they hold an energy that is not allowing the flow. They are willing to do the excavation work to uncover the limiting beliefs that are no longer serving them. They, then, craft the empowering beliefs they are ready to embody. This is NOT easy work and takes a tremendous amount of courage and strength but oh so worth it for the feeling of empowerment and freedom that is created. They also understand to tune in and listen to guidance and act on that guidance.


  1. Own their worth and uniqueness


They understand that they are a Divine Being first and foremost. When you choose to see yourself as the physical expression of the Divine, how can you NOT be worthy? If the Divine is worthy, then so are YOU! You are Goddess in Expression. Yes, you are also human and incarnated to have the human experience but I believe we are all evolving to what Abraham refers to as the “Blended Being” - one who knows they are BOTH human and divine and lives life from that perspective. In addition, knowing the humanness of our being is understanding that we are unique in that divine expression. No one else can be YOU! Successful Goddess Sisters embrace and embody their uniqueness proudly.


  1. Conscious Spending


Joe Vitale terms this as “Prosperous Spending or Prosperous Purchasing”. What is meant by this is that you are spending your money joyously rather than fearfully. This is about understanding that money is meant to be circulated and not hoarded. Successful Goddess Sisters understand that when they flow their money, they are not only pleasing themselves but also prospering others. This is not about reckless spending or spending money you don't have. This is about enjoying what you do spend and letting go of the guilt around it.


  1. Celebrating Success of Others


When you witness the success of others, this is evidence that you can do it also!

Goddess Sisters do not see others as competion. They understand that everyone is unique and even if they do the same type of work, no one can do it they way they do. They also understand that when they celebrate another's success, they are sending a clear message to the Divine – however you define it – of their desire to experience the same. They are including the successful experience of another in their own vibration thereby attracting the experience into their life.


  1. Empowered Communication


Goddess Sisters say what they mean and mean what they say. They speak to respond rather than being reactive. So what does that mean? It means they practice “the pause”. Most of us tend to speak from reaction to what is being said or we listen to respond rather than truly listening. When someone is speaking to you, are you truly listening? We want to feel we are being heard. The Pause is a breath taken before we speak. It is our opportunity to feel into what we want to say and how we choose to say it. In a way, it's the 3 Gates: Is it true? Is it necessary? Is it kind? (Rumi). Goddess Sisters speak their truth in a compassionate manner. Speech is not reactive.


  1. Create Space


Goddess Sisters understand the need for space in their lives. In this world of “go, go, go”; where is the time for pleasure – possibility -peace? Time is taken to go within, to tap into our joy, to sit with what wants to be birthed. Space must be created for these activities to keep you connected with your Divine Center. What lights you up? How do you tap into your creativity? How do you experience the Divine?


Call to Action


My mentor's request is to feel into these habits. Which ones do you already embody? Which ones would you like to do more of? Are there any that you don't currently practice?

My challenge to you is to pick the one that is speaking to you the most and if you are already practicing it, commit to going a bit deeper. If it's not something you practice, start!


As always, I would love to hear what this holds for you and what you are discovering as you start or deepen a practice. Feel free to reach out and share your experience with me.


Until Next Time...