Imbolc is one of the holy days in the Celtic Wheel of the Year. It marks the halfway point between the Winter Solstice/Yule and the Spring Equinox/Ostara. It generally takes place on 1st – 2nd February in the northern hemisphere and on 1st – 2nd August in the southern hemisphere. The Wheel of the Year is celebrated by many spiritual seekers all over the world and nature-lovers who do not follow a specific spiritual tradition. It celebrates the turning of the seasons, and the seasonal holy days are referred to as “Sabats”. The Wheel contains 4 quarterly Sabats/Festivals and 4 cross-quarter Sabats/Festivals. Imbolc is a cross-quarter Sabat.



Imbolc signifies the time of year when the sap is rising in the trees and new life is begining to stir in the earth, so the theme is new life, new beginnings and the birthing of new ideas.



The nights are still long and cold, but Imbolc heralds the return of the light after the darkness of winter. While we celebrate the return of the light at Yule/Winter Solstice, that increase in light becomes more prevelant – we notice the daylight lingering longer now. The entymology of Imbolc is derived from an old Irish word meaning “in the belly”. Other derevations come from words meaning “budding”, “cleansing” or “ewe’s milk”, all of which are themes of this Sabat.



Imbolc is also a time of renewal. Many animals come out of their hibernation and we also begin to emerge from our homes to be warmed by the sun. Personally, we may be moved by this fresh energy to start making plans for the year ahead and begin new projects. It is for this reason that Imbolc is also connected with creativity. This is also the time of the year to sweep out the old to make space for the new, an early “spring cleaning” so to speak. Many people begin focusing more on their health and wellbeing, committing to healthier habits as it becomes more pleasant to be outdoors breathing the fresh air. Imbolc is also a fire festival, and is also connected to the hearth of the home. Therefore, it is fitting that the goddess of Imbolc is the Celtic fire goddess Brigid, goddess of the hearth, of creativity, of inspiration, healing, birth and new beginnings.



The Goddess Brigid is the personification of the first stirrings of new life and the spirit of Imbolc. She can help you birth new ways of being in your life and can help you to nourish and nurture these new ways of being as they grow and blossom. Brigid is associated with three different types of fires: the fire of the hearth, the fire of the forge, and the fire in our own hearts. Her connection with fire can be seen as a metaphor for her other attributes: stoking the fire of the hearth represents home, family and hospitality, the fire of the forge represents creative pursuits and industry, and the fire in our own hearts represents love, healing and inspiration.


You can embrace the energy of Imbolc by engaging with a visioning process. Perhaps creating a vision board will speak to you. Or clearing your space both physical and energetic choosing to release what no longer serves to make room for what you are choosing to call in. Perhaps doing some Shadow Work fits the need.


As we welcome the light and the stirrings of the Earth birthing new life, be willing to explore what is stirring within you. What are you longing to birth into your experience?


Call to Action


My mentor's request is that you take the time to go within and feel into what this holy day holds for you.


If you are feeling called to Shadow Work, then I invite you to reach out to me about Dancing with the Dark Goddess: a 12 Week Journey with the Shadow and 6 Goddess Energies. This program begins next week and will be a conscious dance journey via Zoom. We will be playing with the following Goddess Energies:


The Goddess of Discovery

The Goddess of Rebellion

The Goddess of Strength

The Goddess of Conviction

The Goddess of Pleasure

The Goddess of Wisdom


These Goddesses will assist us as we mine our Shadows and integrate the gifts held within. It will be an amazing journey and I hope you will give it prayerful consideration.


As always, I would love to hear what comes forward for you if you feel led to share.


Until Next Time...