Early in my widow journey, I was given a few mantras that really shifted my energy. They are very simple yet very powerful. I would find myself getting caught up in future worry, future visioning and that was not helpful for me. The advice I received was so profound.



Elaine, one day, one moment, one breath at a time!”


In this red hot moment, all is well!”


Life goes on!”


WOW. Now, to be honest, that last one took a while to fully embrace. I mean, my immediate reaction to that statement was a resounding “NO!” but the truth is that life, in fact, does go on no matter how much I hated that. The sun still rose every morning. People still went about their daily life despite the fact that mine was turned inside out and upside down. However, one day, one moment, one breath at a time was a lifesaver for me. It kept me focused in the here and now versus spiraling off into future or past.


I share this with you because we are living in interesting times and there is a lot of grief being experienced as a collective. COVID shook our world. Politics are out of control. The world itself is in a precarious state. It's a lot! And with all this stress, there is grief. So, how do we cope? Here are some suggestions:




See what you desire to see. Now, when my husband passed, obviously I wanted to see him back with me and our daughters. Of course, I knew that wasn't possible so I chose to see us happy, healthy, having fun while honoring his memory. In other words, I chose to see myself moving forward albeit very slowly at first. Instead of seeing myself stressed, I saw myself peaceful.


With all that's going on in our world now, I am choosing to see a peaceful world. I visualize a world that is in alignment where everyone is accepted for who they are, as they are. I choose to see a healthcare system that has evolved away from the sickcare system we have now. I choose to see freedom of choice without fear of backlash and ostracizing.


What will you choose to see?




Surrender is NOT about giving up. It is about acceptance. Accepting the “is-ness” of what is. Seeing this “is-ness” as an opportunity for growth. What can we learn? What is asking to be co-created? Remember, what we resist persists so surrender is a way to stop pushing against, to stop resisting what is. It's acknowledging the “is-ness” while at the same time, being willing to explore the possibilities – what could be?


Can you look at what is happening, accept what is happening, and be willing to explore what could be? It is a shift in focus which is always helpful when the world gets overwhelming.


Where will you choose to place your focus?


Ask for Guidance


You have access to the power that creates worlds within you! Take a moment to really feel into that. You may not believe it and yet it is the absolute truth. You are an aspect of the Divine in physical expression. You are NOT separate from Source. You never have been and you never will be. When you make the time to get quiet and connect in, you have access to the wisdom of the Universe. Spirit/God/Goddess/Source speaks to us all day, every day. Are you listening?


I invite you to consider creating the time in your day to day to sit and listen. Trust what you hear. You will know the difference between your ego and your inner wisdom. Ego speaks with fear and urgency. Wisdom is calm and loving.


Make time to listen!


Get Grounded


Ahhh, the healing power of Nature! We used to live in harmony with the natural world. In our industrialized society, we no longer live connected to Mother. I truly believe we must learn to live in harmony with the world around us. We are nature and nature is us! We are not separate from it and the more we embrace this truth, the more our lives can more flowing and calm.


Have you ever noticed how calm you feel when you are in a natural setting? Whenever Steve or I would feel stressed, we would go for a walk in nature. Such a calming activity. Even better if you can be outside barefoot. Now, I realize it's Winter and being barefoot outdoors is probably not doable but there are other ways to ground. Visualizing, placing your hands on the earth or on a plant, or a tree will ground you. Here's an easy Eden Energy Medicine technique for grounding:


Take a stainless steel spoon and rub it on your feet. Yep, that's it! Simple and easy to do and grounds you! Try it for yourself!


Peace Begins with Me


This statement was/is another mantra that I use to remind myself that I have the power of choice in each and every situation. I may not choose what has transpired but I have the power to choose how I will respond.


You are the only one responsible for how you feel because you have the power to choose. Our freedom to choose is a superpower. As Abraham has said, “You are so free, you can choose to be in bondage”. If you desire to feel peace, then you must make the choice to feel peace. It is an inside job.


Are you willing to choose peace?


Conscious Breathing


Taking deliberate, conscious breaths is so calming and healing. I am talking about the deep belly breathing here and I call it taking a “breath break”. This is where you stop and breathe slowly and deeply into your belly for three breaths. I like to place one hand on my lower abdomen and one hand on my heart. As I inhale, I feel my belly push out and my ribs expand. On the exhale, I feel it all letting go and relaxing.


The shift this breath break creates is palpable. But don't just take my word for it. Try it for yourself and notice the shift. When you do this, you are calmer and able to respond to whatever needs your attention in a more relaxed manner. You are breathing with intention and flooding your cells with much needed oxygen.


How do you sense conscious breathing will serve you?


Call to Action


My mentor's request to you is to pick the technique that resonates for you and work with it. Notice what you notice. Play with more than one if that feels in alignment for you. Tools and techniques only serve if we choose to use them so make a choice to take excellent care of yourself! Remember, no one can do this for you! You must choose YOU!


As always, I would love to hear about your experience with these techniques should you feel led to share.


Until Next Time...