The Holidays are upon us and with the hustle and bustle of this time of year; it is also a time of reflection. We reflect upon what was accomplished, what wasn’t, what we want to achieve in the coming year and even some possible future envisioning of where we want to go. However, how much time is spent on appreciation? When was the last time you spent any amount of your time counting your blessings?


While this time of year is generally spent on planning and reflection, why not make some time to show appreciation? What are you grateful for? I’ll start:


I appreciate:


The air I breathe

The sun in the sky

The stars and moon at night

The crispness in the air

The body in which I get to enjoy it all

The wonderful body that knows how to keep itself healthy

My beautiful children

My loving family

My wonderful husband who loves me for who I am

My growing circle of friends and acquaintances

The abundance all around me

My continued growth and expansion

My connection to my Inner Goddess and Source

My fantastic coach


The opportunities that are before me


And so much more……


As you can see, there is so much to be thankful for…so much to appreciate. Nothing raises your vibration more than the feeling of appreciation. Nothing fosters your connection to Source more than appreciation. Nothing fills your heart with such love and hope and joy. So, what does your list look like?


Call to Action


My Mentor's request to you is this:


Take some time to make a list of all that you have to appreciate. I bet that if you really take some time to sit down and think about it, the size of your list will amaze you. Not only that, you’ll feel really, really good too! AND, if you want to take it deeper, keep an Appreciation Journal daily and watch what happens!

Until Next Time...