Hello! My name is Rev. Elaine C. Torrance-Gingrich and I am known as the Goddess of Laughter and Possibilities! I am a Divine Feminine Mentor and can help you go from a life of limits, stress and overwhelm to Living the Goddess Life!

I can inspire you/draw you towards:

  • Embracing your Divine Feminine Essence
  • Honoring and Nurturing your Sensitive Nature
  • BEing your Authentic Self
  • Aligning with Joy
  • Transforming the beliefs that no longer serve you into beliefs that empower and uplift you
  • Knowing the Influence of Source
  • Igniting the FIRE in your belly and re-discover your passion for life

And so much more!

The Goddess Life Method™ was created to help you discover just how Powerful, Awesome, and Unique you truly are.

The Goddess Life Method™ teaches you to:

1)   Discover the Goddess Within

Unleash the POWER of YOU.  Together, we dive deep into your core Goddess energies, your Sensitive strengths and your uniqueness.  When you are out of touch with YOU, you feel confused, scattered and unsure of yourself.  You come to understand that you are an expression of Divinity.  The Divine expresses through you as YOU!  This is the foundational piece to igniting the fire within and creating and living the Goddess Life!

2)   Create the Goddess Vision

You dream and decide to bring that dream into your reality.  Together we get crystal clear on the vision you hold in the 5 main houses of your life:  Physical, Spiritual, Financial, Work/Career, and Relationships.  Clarity fans the flame and provides the roadmap that keeps you from veering off course. (And we explore ways you are already living aligned with your vision as you move towards it.)

3)   Accept and Appreciate Your Goddess Gifts

Everything you have been through, all you have lived has made you who you are in this NOW moment.  Together we look at where you are feeling trapped in past or present circumstances and uncover the gifts that the circumstances hold.  This neutralizes the negative charge, shifts your focus to all you have to appreciate which allows the good you desire to flow into your experience as well as providing a feeling of peace.

4)   Nurture the Goddess Within

Release negative emotion and make YOU your NUMBER ONE PRIORITY!  When you don’t allow yourself to feel your feelings, the energy gets trapped in your body and can manifest as dis-ease.  When you are sick or depleted, you have nothing to give to others.  Together we create structure which allows you to express and experience your emotions, manage your time, implement strong boundaries and establish a self-care and spiritual practice that creates balance, manages your energy and overwhelm, stokes the fire within, aligns you with joy, and nurtures your soul.

 5)  Embrace Your Shadows!

Everyone has a shadow.  It's the parts of yourself that you don't appreciate.  It's your Dark Side.  However; repressing your Shadow leaves you feeling fragmented.  You are not embracing the whole of YOU!  Together we explore the Shadow and the gifts within both the Light and the Dark aspects of Shadow to reclaim your Wholeness.      

6)  View Your Life Through Your Goddess Eyes!

In each and every moment, YOU have the power to CHOOSE.  Contrast is always going to be present in life.  When you feel discouraged, YOU get to CHOOSE whether you see disaster or opportunity.  This is NOT a "Pollyanna" approach but rather the conscious CHOICE to place your focus and thoughts on the good. You CHOOSE to see through the Eyes of Love.

I invite you to learn more about how we can work together.  I offer a FREE Laughter & Possibilities Session where, together, we explore if mentoring is right for you.  In this session I get to hear about what is going on for you.  We will explore what is standing in your way.  I will share with you how I work and together we will determine if what I offer will be of service to you.  There is NO OBLIGATION to work with me.  

To request your FREE session, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.   or use the "Contact Elaine" form on this site and we'll get you on the calendar!