I was widowed at the age of 42.  My husband passed suddenly and unexpectedly.  We were married for 17 years and together for 20 years.  We had 3 daughters for whom I was now solely responsible.  I felt victimized, cheated, powerless, overwhelmed, stressed-out, underqualified, angry, lost, unlovable, and had no sense of who I was anymore.  I was so defined as part of a couple, who was I now that I was alone?  So here I was, suddenly a single parent, with no income and all I could think about was when would I awaken from this nightmare?

I also wondered if there was something wrong with me because I am so emotional.  I felt his loss so deeply that my chest physically hurt.  I truly knew what it meant to have a “broken heart”.  I cried oceans of tears that seemed never ending and not just when he died but throughout most of my life.  Music, books, live performances would move me to tears.  I would cry at movies without even having seen the entire film! And don’t get me started on TV shows.  I walk into a room and can just feel when something is “off”.  I could never put my finger on why.  I also had many experiences of “knowing” something was going to happen.  I always heard, “Stop being so emotional! “ “You take things way too personally!”  and of course, children called me a “cry baby” growing up (and for all I know, people still may behind my back)

My husband’s passing was the catalyst that began my quest for answers.  I needed to know what the point to all of “this” was and I knew that I wanted to have a life but had no clue how to do it.  I wanted to know that he was alright and yet I was so angry with him for leaving me.  I also wanted to understand why I was so emotional and what this whole “knowing” was all about.  While I believed in God, I no longer felt an affiliation with any organized religion and to say I had “issues” with God at that point is an understatement.

My quest for information and support led me to various courses of study.  I studied Mediumship.  I became a Certified Chios Master Teacher, and Certified Clinical  Hypnotherapist and became ordained in the process.  I was also exposed to an amazing concept: “We create our own reality”.  In hearing that I became intrigued.  There was a sense of magic about it.  As I learned more about the laws of the Universe, particularly the Law of Attraction, I discovered a resonance with it that I had never felt about anything else prior. I also came upon the work of Dr. Elaine Aaron and the Highly Sensitive Person.  Finally, an answer as to why I was the way I was and that there is NOTHING WRONG WITH ME!  I just have a more sensitive nervous system.  Whew!   I discovered coaching and facilitating women's circles and knew I had found my calling.  In discovering my own Inner Goddess after my husband’s passing and my highly sensitive nature and how to manage it, I knew I had to help other highly sensitive women discover theirs as well!  To me, it’s a moral imperative.  Because you are highly sensitive, you frequently experience procrastination and overwhelm and don’t really understand why.  In fact, if the threat of overwhelm exists you may even shut down completely and not do anything at all. You carry with you so much emotional baggage that you either haven’t released or think you have but have underestimated the hold that baggage has over you. You’ve forgotten your own uniqueness and magnificence – including your highly sensitive nature.  You have forgotten that you are a GODDESS! You operate more from your shadow of perfectionism instead of relying on your highly sensitive strengths of empathy and intuition. You’ve forgotten just how powerful you truly are! And THAT is what I am passionate about mentoring you to remember, that each and every one of you has the power to create the life you desire. You create your reality, whether you know it or not.  It’s just that most of you create by default rather than at a conscious, deliberate level.  My mission is to empower Highly Sensitive women to Embrace their Goddess Energies, Leverage their Highly Sensitive Strengths, and view their world through the lens of Laughter & Possibilities!  It’s time to dance with Laughter and Possibilities!  Will you join the dance?

I am a member of The International Association of Women in Business Coaching(IAWBC),  and the International Membership of Professional Advisors, Coaches, and Trainers (IMPACT).  I hold coaching certifications from the Rapid Coaching Academy in Life Coaching, Weight Loss Coaching and Relationship Coaching.  I hold advanced certification as a Law of Attraction Practitioner through the Global Sciences Foundation.

I offer various different programs both individually and group. The work that I do is for the person who is 100% committed to their own growth and development and is willing to do whatever needs to be done to invest in their personal transformation.  They understand that the investment in themselves sends an energetic message to the Universe which, in turn, sets in motion energy where all aspects of their life shifts and improves.  

  Numerology/Goddess Readings

Curious to know what your name and birthday have to tell you?  Do you wonder what Goddess energies might serve you best?.  Care to know what your Personal Year and Personal Month have to share? You will receive the report of your reading (pdf) and a 30 minute follow up call to discuss your reading and any other questions you may have (call is to be scheduled within 60 days of the reading). Once payment is made, you may email me your full name (as listed on your birth certificate), the name you use now and your date of birth.  Your recorded reading will be sent when it's completed and we will schedule your 30 minute follow up call. Let's have some fun! 

The Goddess Club



An Elite Group of Goddess Creators who also happen to be Highly Sensitive.  Be part of a circle where you are empowered to be your BEST SELF!


Annual Subscription - $250 per year

Monthly Subscription - $25 per month