Unlock Your Buried Passions


Have you been feeling lost and confused, wondering why your passion for life has waned? Do you long to uncover a sense of direction, meaning and purpose for your life? The good news is you can uncover or rediscover the passion living inside of you and experience the Goddess life you were born to live.

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Change Your Focus, Change Your Life!

As a child, I used to pretend that I was a magical fairy who could wave my magic want and instantly change something I didn't like. How many of you can relate? How awesome would it be to just wave that magic wand and instantly change some part of your life that is not going the way you would like? Poof – goodbye lousy job! Swish – hello Prince Charming! Zap – thank you very much for the pile of money! That kind of radical change is absolutely possible, and I want to share with you a tool you can use right now, today, and this minute to change some aspect of your life.

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Do You Heed Your Intuition or Is Ego Leading the Way?

As a Sensitive Goddess Creator, you like to believe you are more tuned to your Intuition. After all, Intuition is one of your Superpowers! However, it's not always easy to know if the choices you make are coming from guidance or intuition versus your ego. Following ego can prove successful but may not have you feeling as happy as you would if you followed your Intuition.

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5 Ways to Release and Allow

As a Goddess Creator, you understand that nothing can come to you when you are in resistance or a state of dis-allowing (as Abraham would say). You also understand that the key is to release the resistance so that all you desire can flow into your experience. You know that you need to let “IT” all go so that you can be in that state of allowing. It's akin to surrendering to what is so that what you desire is free to flow in. The “IT” you are releasing is the negative thoughts, feelings, and beliefs that are holding you out of receiving mode.

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