Tips to Build Alignment Momentum Part 1

You hear the term “Alignment” frequently if you are a Law of Attraction enthusiast – and if you're reading this – you are a LOA enthusiast dear Goddess Sister. In fact, I've written a few articles in the past on getting into alignment and why it's so important. So why am I writing another one, you may be asking? Because without alignment you cannot attract what you say you desire. It really is that simple. So I thought I would write another article that explains “Alignment” from a slightly different perspective.

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The Power of Accountability

As a Goddess Creator, there are times when it can feel like you’re creating your life in a vacuum.  However, the truth is that the Divine is always co-creating with you as well as those you choose to allow into your most intimate circle.

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Become Wildly Open to Receive

Are you wildly open to receive? Do you fully own your worth? Do you allow others the joy of giving to you? Do you clearly hear and follow your guidance? Do you understand what it means to be open to receive?

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6 Ways to Connect to YOU!


Being Self-Aware is to have a clear understanding of who you are at your core. It is not only understanding your strengths and weaknesses, your thoughts and emotions, and your values and beliefs. It also encompasses your deepest passions and your Inner Goddess' desires for you and the ability to live them out fully and joyfully. It is a deep connection to the whole of YOU.

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