7 Steps to an Aligned Life


Living an aligned life is something you strive for if you choose to consciously implement the Law of Attraction. However, the reality of your day to day can take you out of that alignment you so desperately seek. Here are some useful tips to keep you aligned with all you desire!


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Use Your Senses to Shift Your Mood

As a Goddess Creator, you are always in vibration management mode to keep a positive frequency flowing. And neuroscience is touting the benefits of maintaining a positive outlook on life. One of the plethora of ways to shift your mood is to simply use your senses! Sensory perception can be a very powerful way to instantly shift out of a less than stellar mood.

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It's Time to Practice Your Prosperity Vibe!

Many financial mentors state that if you don't have an abundant mindset when you win a large sum of money, you won't maintain your new found wealth for very long. Lack mentality is not in alignment with great wealth and if you practice lack based thoughts, the newly acquired wealth will be gone as quickly as it came.

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4 Easy Ways to Raise Your Vibration

As a Goddess Creator, you understand the importance of an alignment practice and an energy management practice to keep your vibration clean and clear. Most of the time, these practices work very well yet there are times when it seems like they aren't letting the good flow the way you would like. Maybe you get a trickle instead of a babbling brook or waterfall.

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  Numerology/Goddess Readings

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