It's THAT time of year! The days get shorter and darkness grows. The air gets more crisp as temperatures cool down. The leaves change colors and the trees let them go as they dance on the air currents and fall to the ground. Nature is engaging in the DANCE of Release.

As we harvest from the land the last of the growing seasons, Nature is letting go and readying herself to go within. This is the time of year where you must do the same if you wish to bring new creations into your life experience. This is not new information but it bears repeating as it's that important. If you want to bring in the new, you must release the old that no longer serves. If this weren't truth, you would already have what you desire.

We must be willing to let go of the life we have planned so as to have the life that is waiting for us,” ~ Joseph Campbell

As we move through this season of Letting Go, I invite you to look at the 5 houses in your life and discern what is working and what isn't working. As a review, the 5 houses are:


Personal – Your physical body and all the material needs you have and desire

Relationships – Your interactions with family, friends, intimate partners and your communities

Spiritual – Your connection to your Source/God and the daily practices that keep you balanced, connected, and nourished on the soul level

Financial – Your relationship with money. Your beliefs/feelings around money and how you manage it

Business/Work/Career – How you earn your money and the energy you bring to the environment

Listen, I understand that letting go is not the most fun thing to do. It's not easy to step out of what is known and comfortable and I get that. I really do. But you cannot continue to think the same thoughts, take the same actions, be the same person when you desire to bring a new experience into your life. To attract the new, you must BECOME that person who has what you desire. You must let go of the old, outdated, limiting beliefs and energetic patterns that are keeping your good from you!

Here's the good news: Releasing can be fun! It doesn't have to be difficult. I love releasing rituals. I love ritual. Ritual can be a fun way to let go of what is no longer needed. Ritual doesn't need to be complex or a big deal either. You get to choose and that is AWESOME! All that is required in ritual is that you do it with Attention, Intention, and Reverence.

Let's break that down a bit. Attention means being fully present to what you are doing in the moment. Ritual is not a time for multi-tasking. You want to be focused on what you are doing. Intention is your aim, your plan. So in this example, your Intention is to release/let go/remove. Reverence means to have a deep respect for the sacredness of this process.

So now that you have a deeper understanding around Ritual, here are some of my favorites:

Ritual #1: Burning

This is my #1 favorite way to release. I get a very visceral feeling watching the flames devour what I am releasing. You will need pen/pencil and paper to write down what you are releasing. You want some type of fireproof container or surface to burn the paper over or in, ie. A fire pit, a fireproof bowl, etc. I have known people to use their kitchen sink. Of course, matches or a lighter and a tweezers.


1 – Take a few deep breaths, connect with your Inner Goddess and ask her to show you what needs to be released.

2 – Write it all down of the paper.

3 – Pick up the paper with the tweezers and light it up over your fireproof container. If you're using a fireplace or firepit, you can forgo the tweezers and just throw the paper into the flames and watch them dance as they devour the paper.

4 – As the paper burns, visualize the pattern, belief, emotion – whatever it is you're releasing – being carried away in the smoke.

IMPORTANT: Please use common sense and take the proper precautions when burning – both indoors or outdoors. If you're indoors, make sure your area is well ventilated and you have water handy just in case. NEVER leave fire burning unattended.

Ritual #2: Cleansing Bath or Shower

This ritual is an easy one and it's both literal and symbolic. You can do this daily since, in most cases, you probably already do! You will need a bath or shower, some Epsom Salts or Sea Salts and your favorite Essential oils.


1 – Before bathing or showering, take a few deep breaths and connect with your Inner Goddess to help you to release what no longer serves you.

2 – If bathing, take 1 cup of Epsom or Sea Salts, add about 5-10 drops of your Essential oil of choice (or blend of choice) and add to your bath water as it's filling your tub. If showering, make a salt scrub ahead of time using the salts and oil and add a bit of coconut or olive oil so it makes a paste.

3 – If bathing, while you soak, visualize the cleansing that is taking place. If showering, as you use the scrub, visualize the cleansing and as you rinse off, imagine all you are releasing being rinsed away. As the tub drains, if bathing, imagine all you are releasing flowing down the drain and into Mother Earth to be transformed.

Ritual #3: Smudging

Smudging is a technique that has been used throughout the ages for clearing/cleansing negative energy. Sage is a popular herb for smudging. Palo Santo wood is also very popular to use but you can choose whatever herb that you feel drawn to. You will need your herb of choice, a safe container to burn the herbs in – a large seashell works well, a feather(if you wish), and a lighter or matches.


1 – Connect with your Inner Goddess and set your Intentions around releasing.

2 – Light the herbs in the container and allow the herbs to smoke

3 – Using your feather, or your hand, wave the smoke over your body and your space.

4 – Visualize what you are releasing dissipating with the smoke.

5 – You may choose to chant:

Into the smoke I release doubts and fears

Into the smoke I release all that no longer serves me

Into the smoke I release these feelings of anger

You get the idea here. Chant what you are choosing to release.

Once you are done smudging, gently extinguish the herb. As always, whenever you are dealing with fire, please be diligent and careful.

Ritual 4: Journal

For me, journaling is such a healing practice/ritual. There is nothing like getting your thoughts out of your head and onto paper. It is one of the best tools for processing your thoughts and emotions. You will need a journal, a pen, a candle – to set the mood if you wish, and music if that feels aligned.


1 – Light your candle and start your music (if using them). Connect to your Inner Goddess by taking some deep breaths and bringing your awareness within.

2 – Write out these questions and your answers to them – or choose questions that feel aligned for you and what you are looking to release:

a) What is asking to be released in conjunction with what I am desiring to call in?

b) What beliefs am I holding that no longer serve me?

c) Where am I placing my energy that no longer serves me?

d) What habits need to be broken to call in what I desire?

3 – Allow your answers to flow and don't censor yourself. Write until you feel complete.

Ritual 5: Dance

Yes, dance to release. Another of my most favorite ways to move the energy and let go. You will need music that moves you, some space in which to give yourself permission to move, and YOU!


1 – Pick the music you will use for this ritual. I love to use drumming music for releasing dances but choose what works for you.

2 – Set up the space in which you will be moving.

3 – Connect with your Inner Goddess and set your Intention to release as you dance. I like to intend that as the energy moves out of my body, it is flowing into Mother Earth as my feet compost it and she takes it for food. Again, this is what works for me.

4 – Play your music and move your body! Give yourself permission to allow the music to wash over you and inspire how you move as you hold your intention to release.

So there you have it...5 of my favorite rituals for releasing. These are simple rituals but don't let their simplicity fool you. They are also very powerful and can be done daily if you feel so led.


Call to Action

My mentor's request is for you to take yourself through the process of the 5 Houses for release and to choose at least 1 of these rituals and do it. You can make your ritual even more powerful by choosing to do it on the Full Moon! As you know, the Full Moon is a powerful time for release and October's Full Moon is on October 9th. As always, I would love to hear what this process holds for you so feel free to share your experience with me if you feel so led.

Until Next Time....