Welcome to Part 2 of the Tips to Build Alignment Momentum. Last time I shared the importance of Defining Your “WHY”; Being Willing to “Consider the Possibility”; and that Contrast is Good! I also challenged you to implement any one or all of the tips. Did you? How did it go? Remember, alignment is all about feeling good. That really is all there is to it. Let's explore some other ways of building the Alignment Momentum.


4) Love Yourself More


Do you find yourself cringing when you hear someone say to you to “love yourself?” I hear you! It's not something you are taught to do in today's day and age. For many, you are taught that loving yourself is narcissistic and selfish and you are supposed to sacrifice your own wants and needs to be of service to others. You are taught to put yourself LAST.


Then, you become your own worst critic. You can be very hard on yourself. You can find it difficult to look past your own mistakes and you can really get down on yourself. What's even worse is you begin to believe that you don't deserve all the good life has to offer – that you are flawed in some way – so you block yourself off from the flow. It's time to STOP THE MADNESS!


You are the Divine in expression. This reality is designed to deliver all the good stuff that will bring you the greatest joy as well as the greatest expansion. There is no need to prove your value or worthiness for you already are valuable and worthy! You are perfect just as you are. You live in a Universe that is designed to serve and support you but it does NOT respond to your words. It responds to how you feel. To attract all the good life has to offer, you want to shower yourself with some good old self love!


See yourself as valuable simply because you ARE. It has nothing to do with what you are doing or what you may contribute to the world. The fact that you exist is your contribution. Your light is who you are. The more you care for YOU, the higher you raise your energy/vibration and you build more momentum behind the belief that you are worthy and deserving of all the good you wish to attract into your life.


Nothing makes you a stronger magnet to all you want than to truly believe that you deserve it. And you DO deserve it if for no other reason than you are on this planet, having this physical life experience and it's your birthright to be happy and do all the things you would like to do in your experience.


Issues around worthiness and deserving can certainly create the roadblock that keeps you out of alignment with all you hope to manifest. So, are you treating yourself with the love and care that you deserve? Take a moment to really think about this. Are your boundaries around your time and energy serving you? Do you have difficulty setting boundaries? Are there people in your life that don't uplift you?


What can you begin to do immediately that will allow you to move into a space where you are honoring yourself more? Any small, baby step helps. What feels good? Perhaps it's saying NO to something that you don't want to do when you might have said YES in the past simply out of obligation. Maybe it's taking the time to go for a walk in the park. What about carving out 15-20 minutes when you get home from work to unwind from your day before going about the rest of your routine.


The more you commit to loving and honoring yourself, the easier it becomes. You will gain clarity around what you need to tweak for yourself. And of course, the more you love yourself, the better you feel, the higher your vibration will rise and the easier all you desire to manifest will flow into your experience.


5) If you want Spirit's Help, You gotta let it in!


I know I sound like a broken record but your vibration cannot be defied. Spirit/Source/Universe (whatever language speaks to you) cannot bring you anything that you are not a match to. No matter how much you might want something, no matter how diligent you are with the techniques, if your vibration is not a match to what you want, things will pretty much stay just as they are. You may have some small success at letting stuff in but it's a slow process. Frustration builds and more resistance is created.


You are a Goddess creator and lover of Universal Law because you want to live a life that you love and allow all the good you want into your life with ease and flow. You no longer subscribe to the struggle mentality. You wish to push the delete button on the “No Pain, No Gain” mindset. You are ready to fully step into your power as the Deliberate, Goddess creator you are. You are ready to tap into the power that creates worlds and that power is more than ready to assist you! That's the good news!


The bad news is that you still do things the old way! You still believe that you must push, and struggle and make stuff happen. You believe that you have to be DOING something to bring about the good you wish to manifest. The concept of aligning your energy – of feeling good still feels foreign and unrealistic. You still vibrate struggle and therefore you continue to experience struggle. You will shift your belief when the Universe proves the easier way to you. You will believe it when you see it and yet you see it when you believe it!


In your mismatch to the easier way, you are not a match to the ideas, inspirations, and solutions that will yield you the results you seek. You are not a match to the amazing coincidences and synchronicities, you are not a match to the awesome manifestations that seem to come out of nowhere, you are not a match to the manifestations that require seemingly zero action from you.


It's time to be willing to do things differently. It's time to change your perspective and be willing to play with the creation principles that will align your energy to match all you wish to manifest. You must be a match to hear the guidance to receive the Divine Assistance.


If you wish to receive with ease and take less action, you must be willing to step away from the actions that don't feel good to you. You must let go of the actions that come from the energy of forcing to get a result. If you want things to come together more easily, then you have to be willing to step back when things begin to feel hard and frustrating.


It's time to build your TRUST muscles. You want to trust that the Universe has your back and begin to make decisions from that space of trust. Will this happen immediately? Maybe, maybe not. Either way it's fine. It's your journey but now you understand how the system works.


6) Be willing to be “In Process”


Know that as you travel this path, you will uncover beliefs that need to be shifted. There may also be some emotional crap that you will need to work through. Behaviors and habits that no longer serve you will need to be released. It's all good!


As you peel away the layers, you are revealing more of the bigger, divine YOU! You are becoming the high-vibing being of pure joy and love. You are reconnecting to who you really are. Your humanness can get in the way of that but the non-physical part of you is willing to remind you of who you really are and just what you are capable of. The more you reconnect to who you really are, the easier it is to release the beliefs, habits, and behaviors that hold you back. The lines of communication with your Inner Goddess/Higher Self become stronger and clearer. You feel more confident in hearing and following your intuitive guidance – even if it contradicts what you hear in your mind from your ego self – because you understand that the information is coming from the larger part of you who knows what you truly want and how best to get you there.


7) Lighten Up!


There is still a part of you that doesn't quite trust the whole “feeling good is the key” concept and you don't allow yourself to do the things that make you happiest because you are still operating under the false premise that you can only have “fun” when the hard work is over. You don't really see the value in the fun activities to help you create the life you desire – which is understandable given the predominant beliefs you hold around success and achieving goals.


Your mind will tell you you're being lazy. You're goofing off. Your focus stays on the problems because you feel it is irresponsible or unrealistic to think that a solution can be found through distraction. Instead, you are compelled to wrack your brain to “effort” a solution. You think “I must find a solution to this problem. I don't have time to take a walk to clear my head. I need the answer NOW!”


STOP! BREATHE! Remember that attraction is all about how you feel and doing things that put you in the “feel good” space opens the way for the solutions you seek to flow! And you will still take action but the action you take will be inspired and will feel good to you to take. It's time to let go of the struggle energy.


You want to be happy. Why not get a head start on the whole happiness thing by allowing some of it into your life right now? In fact, how about prioritizing your own happiness! Let go of the idea that you need to suffer and toil to get what you want in life. Do not allow your ego to tell you that you can't feel better until you get what you want – until the circumstances in your life change.


You get to choose how you feel. You get to choose where you place your focus. You get to choose your perspective. Your power is in your choice! Give yourself permission to do the things that make you feel better – that bring you joy! I dare you!



The concept of alignment is truly simple at the core but getting into that space of trusting what you desire will come and staying in that space much of the time is not always an easy task. Your ego mind will fight you and you MUST be willing and diligent in fighting back. You will need to be more deliberate in managing your energy/vibration – and as that momentum builds, this way of thinking and being feels more natural to you. You will become more aware of when you are out of alignment and will be able to course correct much sooner.


You may also have moments when it is more difficult to feel better and that's alright. You will notice that those moments are less intense and fewer and far between. Keeping an evidence journal can be of great value to you in these moments as it will be the proof that the process DOES WORK. My evidence journal has been invaluable to me when I find myself in doubt and fear. It connects me back to the belief that I do live in a safe and supportive Universe.


The Universe knows what you want and is always guiding you towards your desires. You've placed the order. Your job is to feel good to allow it to flow to you!


Call to Action


My mentor's request is for you to implement any one or all of the tips I've shared above to come into alignment with your desires and build momentum. I would love to hear what spoke to you and what you experience as you put these pieces into play. Feel free to share your thoughts on our FACEBOOK PAGE.


Until Next Time...