You hear the term “Alignment” frequently if you are a Law of Attraction enthusiast – and if you're reading this – you are a LOA enthusiast dear Goddess Sister. In fact, I've written a few articles in the past on getting into alignment and why it's so important. So why am I writing another one, you may be asking? Because without alignment you cannot attract what you say you desire. It really is that simple. So I thought I would write another article that explains “Alignment” from a slightly different perspective.


So what is “Alignment”? From a Law of Attraction perspective, alignment basically means that you are a vibrational match to whatever you desire. You know when you are in alignment by the positive emotions you feel. You feel good about your desires – you are happy, relaxed, and you hold an inner “knowing” that what you desire is coming. You have released the “need” for your desire to manifest and you are not attached to the “how” as you understand that the “how” is the Universe’s job – not yours.


Simple, right? Feel good about what you want and you draw it to you. But is it really that simple? In theory – yes but in practice, well, not so much because your good buddy “Resistance” loves to show up and put a kink in your vibrational party. This is normal and part of our human experience. It happens to me. It happens to all of us.


You may have some moments here and there where you are feeling really good, but you may not be building much in the way of momentum, and those moments don't last very long. You can have a manifestion that boosts your spirits, but the enthusiasm doesn't last. One tiny “unwanted” things happens and you are knocked right back down a few vibrational notches. You are still living reactively, allowing your mood and beliefs to be influenced by what is happening around you. defines “Momentum” as :


force or speed of movement.


When you are feeling really good, you are attracting more “feel good” thoughts. The more “feel good” thoughts you attract, the more MOMENTUM you are building. Now, you don't have to achieve some perfect state of Nirvana to be able to manifest what you desire, but you DO NEED to be feeling good more often than not. You do need to be in alignment more than out of it. Isn't it nice to know that alignment means you feel good? Who doesn't want to feel good?


Here are some recommendations to get into alignment, build real momentum behind the thoughts, beliefs, and feelings that will draw what you desire to you and weaken the momentum behind the thoughts, beliefs, and feelings that will repel your desires.


1. Define your “WHY?”


As a Goddess creator working with the Law of Attraction, you are taught to focus on what you desire and release the how. That can be a tall order especially if you've been taught the need to know the roadmap, to have a plan of action. I know that is what I was taught. Trusting and releasing sounds awesome, and you really want to do it, but your mind cannot help but wander down the “How” road. This need to know the “how” can be a major stumbling block to allowing your manifestation.


Another kink in the hose is being hyper attached to your desire – your “what”. You've decided that you want certain things in your life because you believe they will make you feel good in some way. Whatever you have floating in your mind now is what you have access to at the moment and is just one possible energetic representation of your desire. You can convince yourself that this specific thing needs to happen for you to attract your desires. Yet your desires are more a symbol for something that is much deeper and whatever you desire is just a snippet of the awesomeness that can be delivered to you.


If you can clearly identify the deeper reasons for what you desire, it becomes much easier to detach yourself from the specifics. The more detached you become, the easier it will be to find ways to line up with your desires energetically right NOW, regardless of what your current circumstances hold.


You want to ask yourself why you want what you want. You'll want to dig below the obvious surface responses to get to the core. So begin with the desire that is in your mind right now. Why do you want that? And why do you want that? And why do you want that thing? Keep asking why until you can't come up with any more answers. You will know when you have reached your core response. You also want to stay as positive as possible throughout this questioning process. Do not place your focus on what is not to your liking in your current reality.


To illustrate, let's say you wish to create more money. Your intial “why” might be to meet your financial obligations with ease and NOT because you don't have the money to do what you want and it sucks and you hate your life. This “why” goes a bit deeper than just wanting more money and it helps you to clarify what it is you truly desire. So, when asking “why” again, you discover that what you really desire is the freedom to do what you want, when you want. Well, the Universe can provide that freedom to you in a myriad of ways. What you have just done is made it easier for you to detach from the specifics that are in your mind now and open yourself to the possibilities which allows the essence of your desires to flow more quickly into your reality.


2. Be Willing to “Consider the Possiblity”


If you can be honest with yourself, sometimes you just don't fully believe that you can have what you desire. You have doubts. Some beliefs you just can't seem to shift. You are attached to certain outcomes, insisting that this thing you want must be what you receive and there is no acceptable substitute.


Your vibration isn't pure. You still rely heavily upon outer appearances to dictate your emotional state. You can't let go of your ingrained stories. You go to great lengths to justify why you feel badly highlighting all the “unreasonable” reasons why you are entitled to feel this way.


You understand this is not helpful yet you cannot help yourself sometimes. There is just way too much momentum built up around the negative beliefs and feelings that you cannot see a way around them no matter how much you “know” you don't need to keep feeling this way; that you can create whatever reality you choose.


You can see how this all doesn't exactly lend itself to creating alignment with your desires and creating the momentum for quick manifestation. You know you are getting in your own way and you get mad at yourself and worry that you will never create the reality you desire. You worry you will never become the vibrational match to your desires. You worry that you're screwed, and the thought of things remaining the status quo fills you with dread.


Here's the thing...You don't need to become some master of your thoughts and emotions and drop every single limiting belief you hold to begin to let more of your desires into your reality. Yes, you most certainly can slow things down but it is what it is. You have a lot of shifting to do and it won't happen overnight. But imagine what can be created when you are willing to be receptive to the concepts (even if you don't fully believe them or understand them), and for just a few minutes at a time you enter a space of trust and knowing that everything is okay and you are loved and supported and that something amazing can happen at any time, knowing things can be better than you ever thought possible, even if you have no frigging clue what that might look like.


You just need the willingness to consider the possiblity that things can be different.


You just need the willingness to consider the possiblity that there is a force at play behind the scenes that you cannot conceive or begin to understand – and you don't NEED to understand.


You just need the willingness to consider the possibility that what you desire IS possible. It's not YOUR job to figure out every piece of the puzzle. In fact, you CAN'T figure it out because there are infinite ways that your desire can manifest.


In these moments of “willingness”, you begin to vibrate towards your desires – even in the presence of all the crap that you wish to see fall away. These delicious moments – even if short-lived – are immensely powerful. Just 17 seconds can begin alignment. Get to 68 seconds and WOW! Talk about momentum!


Obviously, the quicker you can make your shifts, the better but you don't want to put too much pressure on yourself. You want to be gentle with yourself as your criticism can influence your emotional field. Love those 17 second or 68 second chunks!


3. Contrast is good!


Alignment is all about feeling good which makes you a vibrational match to your desires. The more momentum built around alignment, the better and better you feel. You begin to see manifestational evidence that indicates you're on the right track. Your beliefs begin to shift. Trust in the process builds.

But know this: Contrast serves a valuable purpose and you WILL experience contrast!


Contrast is meant to help you identify the beliefs that you hold. A lot of beliefs are below the surface meaning they are not in your conscious awareness. You are cleaning your “energetic house”. You may freak out over this because you might not have been expecting it. Let's be real – it doesn't feel good and you don't like it. No one really does. You worry that you went wrong somewhere and you may even feel as though you are regressing. The negative emotion can feel super intense but you must remember that it is all part of the process.


Be in flow with this process. Do what you can to soothe yourself but don't force yourself higher on the emotional scale than you can comfortably reach. Remember that all is surfacing for your expansion. Ask yourself:


  • What is this teaching me?

  • What is this calling my attention to?

  • How will releasing this belief help me to get what I want?

  • How is this experience serving me?


These questions will help you to discover the gifts the contrast hold for you. It illuminates the beliefs you hold that potentially could be standing in your way of what you desire and being your most authentic self.



I remember when I first learned about the Law of Attraction and I believed that I just had to visualize and think my happy thoughts and everything I wanted would just appear. However, I had resistance. I am human. So are you. Sometimes, it will be that easy and when that happens, milk it! It feels awesome!


And sometimes, when it comes to things you have resistance around, it will be an effort to come into alignment and build momentum. The good news is that the effort is worth it and it becomes easier and easier the more you practice. The ability to trust and allow will come more naturally to you. Outer appearances will have less of an impact because you will understand that the deck is stacked in your favor. Unwanted manifestations won't derail you and you'll see them for the opportunities for wisdom that they truly are.


Aligning with your desires isn't always easy and that's okay. There is nothing wrong with you. You are not defective or broken. You are human. You hold a lot of beliefs that no longer serve you – maybe they never did. You are experiencing an awakening to who you truly are and what you truly are capable of creating.


Celebrate the manifestations that show your vibration is changing – no matter how small. Your attention to and appreciation of your successes brings more success to you. Give yourself permission to feel good! Stay tuned for Part 2!


Call to Action


My mentor's request is for you to implement any one or all of the tips I've shared above to come into alignment with your desires and build momentum. I would love to hear what spoke to you and what you experience as you put these pieces into play. Feel free to share your thoughts on our FACEBOOK PAGE.




Until Next Time...