As a Goddess Creator, there are times when it can feel like you’re creating your life in a vacuum.  However, the truth is that the Divine is always co-creating with you as well as those you choose to allow into your most intimate circle.


It has been said that you are the sum of the five people with whom you spend the most time. Whether you know it or not, you are constantly being influenced by the energies of the people around you, and you in turn are influencing them.


You are 100 percent responsible for creating our own reality.  That is law, however, when you stop to examine the monumental role other people play in your life, it’s easy to understand why you want to create relationships that nurture, sustain, inspire, challenge, and lift you. The more you surround yourself with positive, uplifting, powerful people, the more likely you are to cultivate those traits within yourself.


The process of creating your dream life starts with desire, which informs vision. Vision moves you into action. Action―Divinely inspired action―moves you forward and helps you channel the energy of your vision into a concrete reality.


But what happens when you get stuck, and don’t know what action to take? Or you are feeling resistance to the inspired action step you receive?


The answer is accountability.  You need those in your circle who are willing to hold you accountable for what it is you say you desire. This is, in my experience, one of the most powerful tools to apply to your life.


Choose Your Accountability Partners


I have truly been blessed to work with many mentors and accountability partners in my life. These people are experts at what they do. They create transformational programs that challenge you to be your best, most powerful self, and take inspired action to create your dream life.


The biggest blessing for me about working with my mentors hasn’t been the information and techniques I’ve learned―although those skills have empowered me in transformative ways―it’s been witnessing these powerful beings in action, and discovering how they think about their own dreams and take action to create them. They inspire me. They are raw and vulnerable at times which helps to normalize my own experience. They are not “Moses on the mountain”. They do not profess to be a Guru. They are in the process of Mastery – mastery over what they came here to do.


Who in your life inspires you? When you’re in a room full of your peers, who do you watch? Who in your circle is doing exactly what you want to do? That person could potentially be a powerful accountability partner for you.


Potential accountability partners could show up in your life as coaches, mentors, teachers, employers, business partners, friends, relatives, or even serendipitous acquaintances. The most powerful accountability partners are those who empower you without enabling you: they offer empathy over sympathy, teach you to discern between your Divine Essence and your Ego, point out habits and beliefs that are in your way, and help you to question your excuses and your fears.


You rise to the level of those with whom you surround yourself. So, when you’re looking for mentors and accountability partners, choose people who are several steps ahead of where you want to be, and whose exhibit core traits you admire and desire to cultivate.


You also want to make sure that your mentors have mentors of their own! I am always learning and growing so I am always working with a mentor in some capacity. You want to work with people who are constantly learning and growing, just like you!


Why We Need Accountability Partners


There’s a fundamental truth about human nature that I learned when I started my business: you cannot see clearly into your own subconscious mind. You cannot see your own “blind spots”. You cannot see your own destructive, self-sabotaging habits.


One of the hardest things in life is feeling stuck in a situation that you want to change but can't seem to be able to change. Your reason for being stuck can be buried so deep that you are unable to see it. Trying to figure it out yourself can put you in the energy of exhaustion and frustration.


No matter how hard you work, or how much you learn, there are always “blind spots” around your own deeply-rooted patterns, fears, habits, and programming. It is NORMAL! It takes a loving detached perspective to bring these things to your attention in a way that’s both acceptable and actionable to your conscious mind.


Your mentors and accountability partners aren’t afraid to point out when you’re sabotaging yourself. They can see what you don’t, simply because they are not deep in your trench. There is some distance and emotional detachment that allows them to see what you simply can't see. They are able to put their wisdom to work in a caring but objective way, and help you turn your vision inward to overcome your blocks and get back on track to creating your dreams.


There can be a lot of discomfort around asking for help. You may dread it, put it off, and sometimes avoid it at all costs. The irony is, the help you push away is often exactly what you need in order to grow and continue manifesting your vision.



Call to Action


My mentor's request to you, if you feel constricted around asking for help or finding a mentor, is to journal the following:


Are you afraid to trust someone with your desires?


Do you need to be seen as someone who knows it all?


Did you learn that asking for help makes you weak?


Are you reluctant to engage with people who have what you desire because it stirs up feelings of jealousy or inadequacy?


How far am I willing to go in order to create a life I love?


Am I willing to stretch myself and possibly feel uncomfortable in order to get unstuck?


Most of the successful people I know work with coaches, mentors, and accountability partners. Some even work with more than one at a time! They know they can create what they desire more quickly with the support and accountability that coaching/mentoring provides. Is it time to consider mentoring for yourself? This is my passion, my mission and my Inner Goddess’ calling and I’d be honored and delighted to be invited to support you on your journey! Use the “Contact Elaine” form on the site and let's have a chat!


Until Next Time...