Are you wildly open to receive? Do you fully own your worth? Do you allow others the joy of giving to you? Do you clearly hear and follow your guidance? Do you understand what it means to be open to receive?

If you follow Abraham-Hicks, you have heard them use the term “receiving mode”. They have also referred to this state as “allowing”, “getting into the Vortex”, “alignment”, and most recently, “step 3”.

When you are in this state, you are receiving all you have asked for. This is the sweet spot for the conscious Goddess creator. You have found the way to align with all you desire to create and it is your dominant vibration and you are seeing the evidence in your experience.

However, for many of us, this seems to be easier said than done. Why is that? Why is it so difficult to be “Wildly Open to Receive”?

The answer is that you were not brought up this way. You bought into the societal patterns of scarcity and struggle. Not enoughness pervades your thoughts. You have to pay your dues before you can reap rewards. Does any of this sound familiar?

No matter how often you state that you deserve abundance, your dominant vibration is generally one of lack. You know this doesn't serve you. So what can you do?

Focus your attention elsewhere! You cannot continue to beat the drum of lack and expect abundance to flow. So put your focus on something that IS working for you. When you can place your attention on something that brings you pleasure, you are activating the vibration of receiving. You are no longer offering resistance with your focus which allows guidance to be heard for your next steps.

Resistance keeps all you desire at bay because Law of Attraction brings to you what you focus upon. When you are consistently thinking “there's not enough”, then you attract more of “not enough”.

Let go of the resistance by shifting your focus! Being wildly open to receive is the sweet spot. Remember, you are the Divine in physical expression. Tap into that knowing! Here are some suggestions for shifting your focus to become wildly open to receive:

1) Meditate! Closing the eyes instantly shifts your brainwaves from busy and stressed out beta waves to calming alpha waves. Focusing on the breath brings the mind into the present moment. Resistance is released and when resistance is released, you are open to receive.

2) Take a Nature Break! Get outside and breathe the fresh air! Put your feet on the lawn. Go take a walk in a park. Let the energy of Mother soothe your soul and be the demonstration for being open to receive. Nature does not struggle or resist. What wonderful medicine Nature is and the best part, it is FREE!

3) Dance It Out!  Those of you who know me know that I am a dancer. I have been dancing since I was 4 years old. Whether it's ballet, tap, jazz, modern, contemporary or belly dancing emotions move through your body as you move. Dancing is an energy shifter and the perfect medicine for changing your vibration – no matter where you start on the Emotional Scale! Soon, you find you are in a different emotional state and guess what? You are open to receive!

4) Get Musical! Tune into your favorite jams or grab your instrument and play it. And if you are a singer, belt it out! Music does indeed soothe the savage beast known as Resistance.

5) Read or Listen to something Inspirational.  I love to read and always have at least one inspirational book going. I also subscribe to Abraham-Hicks' twice monthly mp3 so I always have something I can listen to while working...or perusing! There are so many inspirational podcasts to tune in to. Find one that lifts you up.

6) Say a “Change Me” Prayer! I have immersed myself in Tosha Silver's Change Me Prayers. What a wonderful way to shift your vibration! First off, I absolutely love referencing the Divine as “Divine Beloved”. That just sounds and feels so yummy to me. Then, you simply asked to be changed into the person you wish to be. For example, “Divine Beloved, Change Me into someone who knows down to my core that you are my complete Source of All and to trust in the knowing all my needs and desires are met in abundance. Make me wildly open to receive! I am you. You are me. All is well.”

7) Think of Someone You Love and Why You Love Them.  Focusing on love opens your heart. When you choose to focus on someone you love, you can literally feel your heart soften and open. An open heart is the ultimate expression of being wildly open to receive.

Call to Action

My mentor's request is that you take these tips and put them into action. Choose the one that speaks to you, that feels the most fun for you and begin there. Refuse to allow your Monkey Mind to sabotage you. Don't analyze, just do it!

Remember that you are doing these practices to increase your capacity to receive all the good Spirit/Universe/God/All That Is/Source wishes to flow your way.

You can even choose to remind yourself that you are using this time to connect with your Inner Goddess – simply because it feels good to do so. You are deliberately building your faith and trust in the Divine. You understand the desires you hold are also the same desires of the Divine because of the fact you are the Divine in expression. The Divine expresses through you AS YOU! The more you practice being wildly open to receive, the quicker you will experience increased happiness, fulfillment, and peace.

As always, I would love to hear about your experience with these practices so feel free to share with me on our FACEBOOK PAGE.

Until Next Time...