Being Self-Aware is to have a clear understanding of who you are at your core. It is not only understanding your strengths and weaknesses, your thoughts and emotions, and your values and beliefs. It also encompasses your deepest passions and your Inner Goddess' desires for you and the ability to live them out fully and joyfully. It is a deep connection to the whole of YOU.

Connection requires true introspection. It is a skill that is developed over time and one that allows you to continually grow and understand yourself as the journey that is your life unfolds.
The connected woman (or man) is one who continually goes inward to hear her own truth and what better time for introspection than with this New Moon!


Being fully connected is paramount to living passionately and on purpose. Connection allows for peace of mind and happiness.

When you take the time to truly understand yourself, this awareness will help you overcome obstacles, find peace of mind, and leads to the ability to take responsibility for your actions because you take them based on the wisdom of your own Inner Goddess. Connection is the key to living a life of happiness and joy.


Creating the time to connect with your Inner Goddess and powerful self-reflection allows you to focus on all that is important to you. By going within to hear your Inner Goddess' whispers, you are able to create that deep connection to Spirit and Self that so many are searching for. This is the habit that allows you to fully understand yourself, your desires, and find the courage to forge your way forward.


Here are 6 ways to increase your connection to YOU:


1) Rest.


Stress creeps up on you. If you are not well rested, you are unable to quiet your mind and soothe your emotions. You won't be able to clearly hear the messages coming from your Inner Goddess at any given time. When tired, you tend to react to life instead of living it.


When you are well rested, you are able to create your life instead of react to it. You take actions based on the guidance you receive because you are in the receptive mode. You can hear your guidance. You are able to discern between Ego and Spirit.



2) Create Quiet Time.


A key ingredient to connection is the ability to create space and time to be still and quiet. This cornerstone habit, Meditation, allows the quiet space for understanding. In this space, the place of deep breathing, you quiet your very active mind. You soothe the emotions that can often take center stage of your life. Making choices and decisions based upon your over-active imagination and your emotions will surely take you off course.


Meditation allows inner reflection to begin. You are able to reconnect with who you are at your core. Self-awareness grows and you come to know who your are, truly understand your values and articulate your beliefs. You are able to align these with where you are at any given moment on your journey.


This quiet time allows you to fully connect with your Inner Goddess' wisdom. It gives you the space to hear the Goddess whispers that are in alignment with your purpose and passions. This provides choices you didn’t see before and confidence to take action based upon the guidance you receive.



3) Spend Time in Nature.


Ahhhh! To breathe in fresh air. To sit by a body of water and allow your feet to be in the flow. To stand barefoot on the earth and absorb the energy of Mother through the soles of your feet. To feel the warmth of the sun on your skin and the carress of the wind. Being out in nature is a wonderful way to connect with yourself and the Divine. You take yourself out of the usual daily grind. It rebalances you. You have room to breathe. Nature heals, uplifts and enhances the awe and wonder for life that you had as a child and may have lost or put on hold in adulthood.


By connecting to the elements of air, water, fire and earth, you are able to center your thoughts, release your emotions, elevate your vibration and find peace. Here is where you Inner Goddess can be heard and understood. This is where you truly can feel connected to all that is.


Nature allows you to BE still. You have the space to reflect in surroundings that support your connection to your Inner Goddess. By taking time in nature, you are supported at the core of your being and connection is magnified.



4) Sacred Journaling.


Sacred Journaling is a wonderful tool to deepen connection and promote self-awarness and reflection. It is another way to tap into your Inner Goddess' wisdom and connect to a higher perspective. This has been referred to as Free-writing or Autowriting. Basically, you take a moment to drop down from your head into your heart or womb and just write.


This type of writing guides you to your inner truth. You are not thinking about what you're writing. You just write. You can use a question as a prompt if you like. The key here is not to sensor yourself or stop to think. You can choose to time yourself or just stop when it no longer flows. Then, go back and read over what you wrote highlighting those Goddess Goodies that you notice.



5) Seek Honest & Objective Support.


Embracing deeper connection is not always easy. It can be lonely when those closest to you are not on the same path. You can easily second guess yourself. You may wish to consider seeking honest and objective support.


Developing connection supports understanding yourself but can bring you to bumps on the path that may be difficult to navigate. Difficult emotions and patterns will surface and the temptation to put blinders onto your truth tends to be easier than to choose to navigate those emotions and patterns or put your new found wisdom into practice. Forward momentum may become stunted.


Honest and constructive feedback can help you to shine the light of awareness onto these blind spots and assist your ability to navigate through them and release or shift the patterns that would keep you stuck in the muck. This kind of support generally cannot come from your partner, your colleagues, or your friends as they are often too invested in the outcome. Choosing to be in conversation with a trusted spirit-based coach or mentor allows you to safely take these blinders off, see the path before you, and help you discover the inner-courage you have to take those guided steps forward towards the changes you seek to make or the patterns you choose to break.



6) Be in Curiosity.


As you deepen connection, you will find yourself asking more discerning questions. There is the desire to go deeper into understanding. Curiosity becomes piqued.


Uncovering the answers to your discerning questions become fun when you engage the energy of curiosity. You may find yourself thinking, “I wonder how my Inner Goddess will answer this?” Or, “How will Spirit choose to show me this?” Engaging curiosity also helps you to detach from outcome. You are not attached to the “how” of your answer showing up. You have opened yourself to the myriad of possibilities for Spirit to deliver.


Curiosity allows you to see your signs and messages more clearly and with more ease. Connecction allows you to understand the deeper, below the surface meanings. Curiosity and Connection go hand in hand on this path of personal and spiritual growth and development.



As you play with the above, you allow yourself to delve deeper into who you truly are. Rest and Meditation and Spending Time in Nature enable you to fall deeply in love with who you are at the core of your being. Sacred Journaling takes your thinking mind out of the equation allowing your Inner Goddess to speak to you and create that deeper connection and self-awareness. Having the Support helps you to shine the light of awareness on those blind spots and patterns that no longer serve you so you can choose again. Engaging the energy of Curiosity allows for that detachment and opens you up to possibilities. All of this contributes to increased faith, confidence, and courage to act for greater purpose and joy in your life.


Call to Action


My Mentor's request to you is to play with these 6 tips. Take one at a time or 2 or all 6 and implement them into your life. Notice what you notice. Do you feel more connected to YOU?


As always, I would love to hear your experience with this so feel free to reach out to me and share what you learn.


Until Next Time...