Have you been feeling lost and confused, wondering why your passion for life has waned? Do you long to uncover a sense of direction, meaning and purpose for your life? The good news is you can uncover or rediscover the passion living inside of you and experience the Goddess life you were born to live.

One of the ways to connect back into your passion is to re-familiarize yourself with the dreams and desires that lie deep within your heart. Perhaps they have been buried underneath all of the obligations, stresses, and worries. You can choose to begin to unearth this passion today by taking some simple steps to re-awaken.

Here are some suggestions:

1. Take Some “Me” Time. Listen, you know the power of self care. This is not a new concept. All it takes is a few minutes each day and you can shift your mood and energy level. Just take a few minutes today to nurture yourself. Remember you cannot give from an empty cup. It is imperative that you take the time every day to rejuvenate.

Perhaps it will feel good to relax in a warm bubble bath. Maybe reading a few pages from an inspirational book will soothe. Put on your favorite music and dance out your frustrations and worries. It really doesn't matter what you do so long as you take time away from the craziness and pamper yourself. In as little as five or ten minutes, you'll emerge from your "me" time with renewed energy and a fresh perspective.

2. Lean on Your Spiritual Practice. Whether your practice is time spent in prayer or meditation or journaling, practicing the skill of quieting your mind and listening for the still small voice inside of you is vital. Prayer and meditation takes you away from the noise of the world and allows you to seek refuge within your inner temple. With practice, you can activate your sense of peace anywhere and in any stressful circumstance.

Similarly, journaling can also be a tool to connect you with the spiritual part of who you are. Writing out your thoughts and feelings is a healthy way to process whatever is going on for you. There is also the practice of free writing where you just allow your writing to be a mind dump or a way of connecting with your definition of the Divine. Oh the golden nuggets free writing allows you to mine. Why not give it a try?

3. Move Your Body. Your body is designed to move. It wants to move. Dance, yoga, working out at the gym, pilates, aerobics – whatever way you enjoy moving will open you up to hearing the inner whisperings of the Divine. It's the inner whisperings that will help you to uncover where your true passions lie. Your Inner Goddess cannot be heard if you are not making the time in your day to listen.

A walk in nature is another great way to nurture yourself and quiet your mind to hear your Inner Goddess whispers. Walk a trail. Sit by a body of water. Walk an outdoor labyrinth. The healing energies of being out in nature will soothe both body and mind.

4. Allow the Divine to take the Lead. When you make the conscious choice to allow the Divine to take the lead, you are allowing Spirit to work through you. In her book, Outrageous Openness, Tosha Silver talks about spending an afternoon going for an unplanned walk – letting the Divine lead you. In doing so, you are opening yourself to the whisperings of the Divine, your Inner Goddess.


Another option could be to explore your own neighborhood as if you were a tourist. Choose to see your surroundings with fresh eyes. You may find you notice things that were oblivious to you. See through the eyes of awe and wonder. Appreciate the beauty that is already surrounding you. In that energy of appreciation, the whisperings of your Inner Goddess are easily heard.

Call to Action

As always, do not take my word for this. Play with some or all of these tips. Listen for the whisperings of your Inner Goddess. See if she reveals those hidden passions and desires that you may have long forgotten. Of course, once you hear the guidance, you must play your part in the co-creative process and take the actions your guidance is sharing with you. Hearing guidance is one aspect. Aligned action is also needed to bring those passions and desires into your life experience. Remember, you don't need to know the entire plan. Guidance is usually one step at a time. Take the step and the next is revealed.

Until next time...