As a child, I used to pretend that I was a magical fairy who could wave my magic want and instantly change something I didn't like. How many of you can relate? How awesome would it be to just wave that magic wand and instantly change some part of your life that is not going the way you would like? Poof – goodbye lousy job! Swish – hello Prince Charming! Zap – thank you very much for the pile of money! That kind of radical change is absolutely possible, and I want to share with you a tool you can use right now, today, and this minute to change some aspect of your life.


As a member of this community you have no doubt heard about the Law of Attraction. The essence of this universal law is that which like unto itself is drawn – or more commonly – like attracts like. You also understand that the entire universe is made up of energy which emits a vibrational frequency, and that you draw to yourself people, circumstances, and life experiences – both pleasant and not so pleasant – that match the vibrational frequency you emit. This means that as you go about your daily life, you tend to notice things in your reality that reflect your internal state of being. This is the manifestational evidence of the vibration you emit. It is the proof of the Law of Attraction in action every single day.


This is why when you are in love, you are apt to notice other people who are in love, and why if you become frustrated while waiting in a line, you will start to look for and find others who also feel frustrated. It also explains why you don’t pay much attention to where all the gas stations are until you’re about to run out of gas – or which restaurants have the cleanest bathrooms until you have the need to use the bathroom!


There is a part of your brain called the Reticular Activating System. This system is the portal through which nearly all information enters your brain. The incoming data is filtered and brings your attention to only the minute portion of it that is relevant to whatever you are focused upon. What you see, how you feel, and what you experience when you look out at the world is not absolute. It is created by your point of focus as you observe and perceive it. Really allow yourself to take this in because once you fully grasp this concept, you can change your life, because while it is true that you have very little control over the outer world, you do have absolute control over your point of focus.


So, let's play with this a bit. The next time you are preparing to go out and about, ask yourself what you most want to create out of all the experiences that you could possibly have. Would you like to create the experience of being entertained? Or perhaps an experience of connecting with others? Maybe the experience of seeing or learning something new would thrill and delight you? Once you decide what it is you wish to create, acknowledge your brain’s ability to filter out every other experience other than those that are consistent with the one you have chosen. Then, give yourself permission to be open to anything that naturally draws your attention. In other words, once you’ve decided, just let it go. Manifestation is not about working hard! Just allow it to unfold.


It's also important to note that because we live in a world of duality – made up of opposing forces such as darkness and light; fullness and emptiness; having and having not (The Law of Polarity)– that even information which may seem to highlight the exact opposite of the experience you desire can be used (if you allow it) to bring you further into alignment with that desire. To clarify – if, for example, in the course of placing your focus on experiencing abundance, you notice a homeless person asking for money, you can choose to recognize that there are two “sides” to this observation. You can allow it to change your focus from the experience of abundance to the fear of experiencing lack, or you can use it to strengthen your experience of abundance. It’s your choice. The key is this: whatever you see, relate it in terms of your chosen point of focus, and you will continue to attract more of all that you desire. It's all in the power of your focus!


               Call to Action


My mentor's request to you is to try the above experiment for yourself. Start with something that you do not have an emotional attachment to – for example, you could decide that you would like to see some feathers. Something simple and small that you won't introduce resistance for. Once you've amassed some evidence that the process works, then begin to introduce something that has more meaning for you. And remember that when you are shown something that appears to be the opposite of what you desire, choose to see how this could be a positive for you. Perhaps you are being guided to shift a perspective that is sabotaging your efforts or see the situation as the Universe preparing you for what it is you say you want. Make this a game! Have fun with it. The more playful you can be, the better your results!


Until Next Time...