As a Sensitive Goddess Creator, you like to believe you are more tuned to your Intuition. After all, Intuition is one of your Superpowers! However, it's not always easy to know if the choices you make are coming from guidance or intuition versus your ego. Following ego can prove successful but may not have you feeling as happy as you would if you followed your Intuition.

Understanding the difference between the voice of guidance/intuition and the voice of ego can have a significant impact on the choices you make. So, how do you tell the difference? Here are some distinctions:

  1. Ego speaks through fear and survival – While there is purpose to fear and survival, unless your life is threatened, most of your decisions are not life and death decisions. If you are choosing a vocation based upon financial security and not your heart's desire, chances are you are hearing the voice of ego.

  2. Ego tends to speak negatively – Ego will likely tell you all the reasons why you can't be, do, or have something. Intuition/guidance can often “pop” into your head while doing unrelated activities. As you process it, ego will usually tell you why you can't follow that divine inspiration.

  3. Ego speaks from the “What will I gain?” mentality – Is the action you feel you are being guided to take results oriented or satisfaction oriented? In other words, are you doing it to get something or just for the fun of it? Now, this doesn't mean that you are not seeking guidance to help manifest a specific result. This speaks more to the actions that are the “shoulds” versus the ones that bring joy.

  4. Ego loves to rationalize – Ego speaks with authority and does a marvelous job of convincing you that it's speaking truth. After all, it makes sense. For example, “I can't stand up for myself and speak my truth. If I choose to do that, I will loose the love of my family and friends. It's easier to just keep quiet and keep my opinions to myself. It's really not that important anyway.” Can you hear and feel the fear in that rationalization? Ego also loves logic in rationalization. Whenever logic comes into play, you can rest assured that is ego speaking.

  5. Ego is the Head Voice – Intuition speaks from the heart and you can feel this difference.

  6. Intuition/Guidance speaks through the energy of love – There is no judgment of right or wrong, good or bad. There is an energy of calm, peace, and ease with intuition/guidance. You just know it's truth when you hear it.

  7. Guidance/Intuition is Internally Driven – What I mean by that is the results will feel good to you. Your actions are not based upon what other people will think. Your motives are not based upon what other people will think. You don't care whether anyone acknowledges you. You do it, you aquire it because YOU love it. For example, I would love to own a BMW someday. I want it because the car is just so pretty and I feel good when I am sitting in it and I feel safe driving it. It's for personal satisfaction and not the admiration of others.

Now remember, your ego is not the bad guy. The ego is motivated by what it believes will keep you safe and protected from harm. It really does have your best interest at heart and it will use fear to influence you because you naturally desire to avoid fear, conflict, upset and want to be comfortable and feel secure.

What is important to remember here is that unless your life is in danger, fear can be holding you back from an opportunity for growth and expansion which serves your highest good. You want to question the fear. Is this to keep me safe from physical harm or to keep me from doing something I may regret or if I lean into the fear and follow the guidance, will it hold a greater treasure that will further me on this journey called life?

Call to Action

My mentor's request to you is to take the time to discern the voice in your head. Use the tips I shared above to assist you in discerning which voice is speaking to you. Feel into the messages you receive. What is the energy behind the message? Is this from my head or from my heart? Let go of any preconceived notions you may hold around how guidance should show up for you. It is different for everyone. As always, I would love to hear about your experiences with this so please feel free to reach out to me and share!

Until next time...