As a Goddess Creator, you understand that nothing can come to you when you are in resistance or a state of dis-allowing (as Abraham would say). You also understand that the key is to release the resistance so that all you desire can flow into your experience. You know that you need to let “IT” all go so that you can be in that state of allowing. It's akin to surrendering to what is so that what you desire is free to flow in. The “IT” you are releasing is the negative thoughts, feelings, and beliefs that are holding you out of receiving mode.

When you release resistance, you are leveraging the Law of Allowing. This law is all about offering no resistance. There are 2 aspects to this law:

  1. Allowing others to be as they are.

  2. Allowing yourself to receive.

Abraham teaches that allowing is our natural state of being and you know when you are allowing when your thoughts, feelings, and beliefs are generally positive. In reality, being in a state of total allowing can be fleeting. In fact, you probably vacillate between allowing and resisting on a continual basis.

Imagine yourself walking by a lake on a beautiful sunny afternoon, breathing in the fresh air and enjoying your surroundings. You are in a state of allowing. Now imagine yourself in that same surrounding but with other people around who are fighting, or perhaps partaking in amorous displays of public affection, or children who are misbehaving and you find yourself being judgmental. You are in a state of resistance.

When you think about it, it really is pretty easy to know when you are allowing and when you are resisting but are you paying attention? More often than not, the answer is probably no yet it would be of service to you as a Goddess Creator to release the resistance as soon as you become aware of it. When you release resistance, you are raising your vibrational point of attraction.

Abraham has used the analogy of a cork bobbing on top of the water. When you are resistant, you are holding your cork below the surface of the water. When you release resistance, the cork instantly returns to the surface happily bobbing along the current. If you can make a habit of recognizing when you are resisiting and take the time to release that resistance, you can live more of your day in the state of allowing – which allows all the good you desire to flow easily into your experience.

It really is simple to allow but it's not always easy. It takes being conscious to notice when you are in resistance. Once you know you are resisting, it takes tremendous self-love to deliberately let the resistance go. More often than not, you choose to ignore resistance because you don't want to give any energy to it when in reality, you are attracting more resistance. You cannot fool vibration! Releasing takes commitment therefore the first step is to make the DECISION to notice when you are resisting. Once you make that decision, the Universe will commit to helping you become more aware of your resistance.

The second step is to take an action to let your resistance go in order to release and allow. There are a myriad of ways to accomplish this and here are 5 of my favorites:

  1. Take a breath break. Deep breathing is my go-to action for a lot of things and releasing resistance is no exception. On an inhalation, imagine yourself breathing in the energy of allowing and on the exhalation, envision the resistance leaving your body in a gray mist. How long you breathe in this manner is contingent upon how long it takes the gray mist to become clear. This technique is simple, yet powerful!

  2. Use your Journal as a releasing vehicle. Taking pen to paper is also a very powerful technique – especially when done with intention. Set your intention to use this exercise as a release ritual and it is so. As you write about your resistance, feel that energy moving through and out of your body. Notice your vibration getting lighter and lighter the more you release. If you wish to take it a step further, you can choose to tear the pages out of the journal and ceremoniously burn them to release and transmute the energy.

  3. Take a Time-Out. This technique is similar to the breath break except you are choosing to deliberately distract yourself by watching, reading, or listening to something that will make you laugh. I enjoy watching Robin Williams and Jeff Dunham when I am consciously looking to distract from resistance. I happen to own a couple of DVDs but YouTube is a wonderful resource for distraction.

  4. Appreciate. I'm sure you knew this would be on the list! Appreciation is very powerful for shifting your focus and raising your vibration. Look around you and list a minimum of 5 things you appreciate. If you are feeling fiesty, try doing a rampage of appreciation. Remember, the more you appreciate appreciates. In other words, the more grateful you are, the more the Universe sends for you to be grateful for!

  5. Go Outside! Being out in nature is very healing. Take the time to go for a walk, walk in a garden, stroll in the park, put your feet on the earth and ground yourself, ride your bike, go for a drive...the possibilities are truly endless. Notice how quickly your mood shifts!

Call to Action

My mentor's request is to put these processes in action for yourself. As Abraham says, “Words don't teach. Experience teaches.” These techniques may seem simple but don't let their simplicity distract from the potential power they can have in your life. Allowing is your natural state of being so whatever you can do to foster the state of allowing will have a powerful effect.

Until next time...