Imagine if you will: You’re going along your day to day, vibrating in full alignment with all you desire. You’re feeling really good, really positive that all is well and progressing as it should. Then, a well meaning friend highlights the fact that you don’t have the money you desire yet, or you still haven’t attracted your perfect mate, or you still need to lose those final niggly wiggly ten pounds. If there’s anything that will screw up your vibration, that’s going to blur that energetic signal beaming from within you, it is your decision to entertain those lower-level energies. And when we talk about low-level energies, what we’re specifically speaking to is –FEAR and DOUBT. There is nothing like fear and doubt to snuff out your light and muffle your point of attraction. It’s absolutely critical that you fully comprehend this and that you have access to tools that enable you to manage those low-level energies as they come up. (And they will come up. It’s what makes us human!) This isn’t about getting rid of the fear, or the doubt or the worry. There is nothing wrong with those emotions and they are awesome indicators of your point of attraction, right? What is critical here is your CHOICE in how you relate to them and if you are giving your POWER away or taking CHARGE! So, you must ask yourself:


Are you in control of your life or is FEAR taking the wheel?


As an entrepreneur, and someone who has been on this personal development path for quite some time now, I’ve had many opportunities to get a handle on the energy of fear –which really is the energy of confusion. Our ego mind, monkey mind, fear-based mind is very much at ease in the energy of confusion. I have to thank my own coach for this reframe and it’s a very interesting way to think about fear, doubt and worry.


When you feel confused, you are naturally afraid

When you feel afraid, you become immobilized

When you feel immobilized, you do not change

When you do not change, you become stagnant

When you are stagnant, you are disconnected from your Source


As a Deliberate Creator, you want your energy/vibration to flow with ease as much as possible. I don’t know about you, but if I had to choose between being in a constant state of confusion and anxiety or being in a constant state of clarity and abundance – I choose clarity and abundance every time!



When you choose to take charge and manage your energy, you are deliberately choosing to take back the steering wheel for your life! When you don’t manage your energy, you are spinning your wheels. You consistently question all that you do. You get easily distracted. You are convinced that the answer to all your prayers is outside of yourself. This is why it is vital that as a Deliberate Creator, you make the commitment to manage your energy.


Not only is it important to manage your energy, it’s important that you manage your energy in a way that allows you to see the evidence of your progress! This is absolutely ESSENTIAL to the ability to consistently move forward in FAITH.


There are many different ways to manage your energy. And just for the sake of clarity, I’m talking about the use of a tool that will support you in shifting from the lower part of the emotional scale to the upper part of the emotional scale – to manage your energy to go from confusion to clarity, from fear to safety, from doubt to certainty, and so on.


Some of the ways you can manage your energy are:





Essential Oils


Change up your routine

Energy work


The list is endless. Which of the options named above are the type of tool that will allow you to see the evidence of your energetic shifts and transformations? Why is that important? It’s important because you don’t want to revert back to allowing the ego mind to be in charge. You want to choose a tool that allows you to see yourself solidly transforming over time. This enables you to look back at where you were to see and track how far you’ve come!




Call to Action


My mentor’s request to you is that you take pen to paper (or fingers to keyboard if that feels better to you). There is power in writing! Writing is your greatest point of focus. When you write, you create a vacuum for your thoughts.


When you feel fear, answer the following questions:


1. Is there something happening, or going to happen, that is dangerous? If so, what is the danger? Is it real or imagined?


2. How likely is it that the danger will cause me harm?


3. Is there anything I can do to protect myself?


4. Identify the clear result you wish to attain and name the fear that is stopping you.


5. If I absolutely had to be bold and courageous to break through this fear, what would that look like? How would it feel? What would that show me about myself?


6. How would I have to act in the situation that evokes fear?


7. How do I want to feel?


8. What inspired action can I take right now to move through the fear and into a better feeling state?


We all feel fear. We all feel doubt. It’s normal and it means we’re human. We don’t want to squelch these feelings but we DO want to manage them and not let them manage US! Find someone you can talk to about your doubts and fears BUT:


Be very careful about whom you choose.


Often someone who doesn’t believe in the Law of Attraction and being a Deliberate Creator cannot completely relate – even if they are one of your closest friends. Ask for support. Ask for accountability. There is strength in community and know that you are not meant to do this alone!


Until next time...