Are you consistently bombarded by other people's energy?


Does being in a room with a lot of people leave you feeling drained?


Does some intentional solitude rejuvenate you?


Do you struggle with honoring your sensitivities yet still feel the call to be a Warrior Goddess?


If you're reading this post, chances are that you may identify the questions above. I know that I do. I am Highly Sensitive but I am also a Warrior Goddess and sometimes I find it difficult to navigate the two. How about you?


Allow me to let you in on a little secret. The key to navigating life as a Highly Sensitive Warrior Goddess or HSWG - as with any significant changes you wish to make in your life – is to identify the habits you have that hold you back or disempower you and create new habits that serve you. These habits are also habits of thought, your mindset, your beliefs.



For example, you could choose to feel disempowered because you are:

  • Being overwhelmed by all the stimuli and intuitive information that floods into your awareness

  • Shutting down so as not feel overloaded by what’s going on around you

  • Identifying as a victim

  • Seeing your sensitivity as a curse

  • Refusing to take responsibility for your part in the co-creative process of life


OR, you could choose to meld your Highly Sensitive Person with your Warrior Goddess, becoming the HSWG by:

  • Understanding that your sensitivities are a gift

  • Knowing that you are waking up to your Goddessness – your Divinity

  • Uncovering who you are and what you stand for

  • Owning your strengths and what makes you uniquely YOU

  • Choosing love over fear

  • Expressing appreciation for the massive blessings you are being showered with, even during challenging times


As always, the power of choice is yours to wield. Because, as with all things in life, you can choose to be in joy. Or, choose to be miserable. (Hint: choosing to be in joy is way more fun!)


So, how do you stay in alignment and still honor your sensitivities?


Here are 7 ideas that will allow the Highly Sensitive Warrior Goddess to shine:


  1. Feel and heal your pain. As an HSWG, you understand energy so you know that energy can get trapped in your body if it's not released. The chakra system can get sluggish with the accumulation of unresolved crap. You may be of the mindset that denying what you feel saves you from having to deal with it but of course, that is not the truth. The energy just gets trapped in your body and it will manifest in your life unless you deal with it. You must embrace ALL of you...the light and the dark. It's all part of who you really are and there are gifts to be had in the dark! So, go on the mining expedition. Mine those treasures and release what needs to be released!


  1. Clear and Balance Your Energy. Energetic hygiene is a MUST for the HSWG! You come in contact with other people constantly so to maintain your sanity, you must clear and balance your chakras, cut the energetic chords that attach to you and cleanse your energy field daily. When you make this a part of your self care/self love practice, you become more adept at discerning what is your energy and what is not! When your energy is clear, you are better able to easily identify when energy from the outside is influencing you. You are able to make better decisions, feel more sure about yourself, and more confident about who you are.


  1. Clear the Energetic Clutter. Just as your personal energetic hygiene is a priority, you want to ensure that your living and work space is equally cleansed. You don't want to take for granted that your cubicle, office, apartment, or home is clean simply because you have dusted, straightened, and vacuumed. It may not be visible clutter but it can still affect your mood, peace of mind and quality of life. Energies from arguments, past owners, traumatic imprints, etc. can be lingering. It's a good habit to periodically energetically cleanse your spaces. You can do so by burning sage or sweet grass or diffusing the essential oils. Palo Santo is another excellent energy cleanser and you can burn the wood or the oil to cleanse your space.


  1. Shield Your Energy. Many HSWGs are high on the empathy scale and if you are an emotional empath (like me) you can take on the energies/emotions of others and have a difficult time discerning what belongs to you and what doesn't. Therefore, it's important to have a practice in place to psychically protect/sheild yourself. You can choose the energetic bubble of protection that keeps the toxic forces away from your field. You can ground yourself several times throughout your day. You can do a loving Return to Sender visualization where you send back the energies that do not belong to you. Use essential oils, crystals or any other tools in your toolbox that keep your energy protected.


  1. Cultivate Connection. Connection to body, mind, and Spirit! The life force that runs through you wants to move easily and freely. You want to be able to hear your body's signals, to maintain a positive mindset, and a strong connection to your Inner Goddess. Practice Yoga,Qi Gong, or Tai Chi to connect to all 3 aspects. Pracitice mindfulness to stay rooted in the present. Use meditation to strengthen your connection to Spirit. Eat foods that nourish you and surround yourself with others of like mind as often as you can! All of this will help you to clearly hear your body's messages, recognize limiting thoughts as they occur, and hear your intuitive guidance.


  1. Raise Your Vibes. As the Law of Attraction continues to become more mainstream, the concept of vibration and how what you emit influences what you experience is becoming more well known. This is mainly due to increased awareness of Universal Laws and Principles and the understanding that you are in co-creation with the Divine. Feel good and you attract more good into your experience. Feel negative, and your experience reflects what you are feeling. When you choose to create a life that supports, and makes room for, joy, love, nourishment, and light, you view your world in a more positive manner. And the best part, your high vibes are contagious! (as your lower vibes can be as well). Choose to be the light. Choose to be the beacon in the dark. Let your light so shine!


  1. Love Yourself! You are an expression of the Divine. The Divine lives through you AS YOU! Honor that! Love yourself as you would want someone else to love you. Give to yourself what you wish to receive from someone else. You are worthy! You are deserving! Love yourself up with a self love ritual, buy yourself roses (or any other flower that speaks to you), be kind and gentle with yourself, and practice self forgiveness whenever needed. The HSWG is not afraid to give whatever she needs to herself because she fully knows her own value and worth. Own your HSWG self!




Call to Action


So, to recap, here are the 7 ideas to merge your HSP and Warrior Goddess Self:


  1. Feel and Heal Your Pain

  2. Clear and Balance Your Energy

  3. Clear the Energetic Clutter

  4. Shield Your Energy

  5. Cultivate Connection

  6. Raise Your Vibes

  7. Love Yourself


My mentor's request is that you pick at least 1 of these concepts and put it into practice. As that practice becomes second nature to you, add another and so on. I know you are worthy! I know you are deserving! I know you are a Highly Sensitive Warrior Goddess and I believe you know you are as well! As I said above, OWN IT! As Marianne Williamson stated, “And as we let our own light shine, we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same.”



Until next time....