Can you feel it? The energy of excitement. The energy of possibility. The energy of “new-ness” that comes with the start of a New Year. It is the perfect time to capitalize on this excited “new-ness” energy and find that nagging limiting belief that has kept you stuck and kick it to the curb! We all have them. It can feel so deeply entrenched. You may even feel that you will be saddled with this dang belief/vibration forever!

Of course, that is never the truth and certainly not in alignment with your Goddess Self!

However, shifting a stubborn belief DOES require some time and conscious effort on your part. Not because you are doomed to suffer with this forever, not because you are fundamentally flawed, and most certainly NOT because Spirit has not heard your request. Remember, when you ask, it is always given.

Shifting a stubborn belief takes time and conscious effort because that belief created a neural pathway in your brain and corresponding chemical reactions in your body. It is a chemical wiring in your mind and body that follows your old habitual thoughts around that particular belief. You unconsciously travel this path time and time again.

For example, when I first began my business I had a difficult time getting clients. For me, signing clients was elusive and hard work. And it certainly wasn’t fun. Those thoughts created the neural pathway in my brain and the corresponding chemical reactions within my body that became my default whenever I had a potential client conversation. It became an autopilot reaction – vibration if you prefer – to which Law of Attraction easily responded.

I made the decision to shift to a new vibration pattern. Of course, making the decision is just the first step and choosing my new belief did not feel true to me at first. I chose to believe that signing on new clients was easy and fun but my subconscious mind was not going to support that new belief right out of the gate! In fact, when I first started working with that belief, I attracted circumstances that “proved” I was still stuck in that old belief.

For example, I continued to attract not so ideal clients that would not sign on with me. I would market an offer and no one would respond. I would hear how much someone loved my work but they could not afford to work with me. You can see why it’s easy to feel hopeless about shifting your belief/vibration.

Most people when faced with the “proof” that their efforts aren’t working give up. They believe that no matter what they attempt, they are doomed to attract those same unwanted circumstances. They are not standing in their Goddess power.

But Wait! Here’s a simple technique to shift your vibration!


You want to look for something – anything – that is different from how it used to be, no matter how insignificant it may seem to be.


Instead of jumping to your default setting, take a moment to step back and just observe. See with your Goddess Eyes!


Going back to my example, I noticed that I was feeling more confident and less fearful during my client enrollment process. I made changes to my pre-qualifying form so that I was able to determine more quickly if someone was a match or not. I was able to articulate my message more succinctly.


However, I still didn’t sign on any new clients so you’re probably wondering how anything was improved.


Abraham teaches that we will first notice change in our lives as changes in how we feel. The new emotions are the first evidence of manifestation! When you acknowledge the something is different this time, you nurture the thoughts that create the new neural pathways and thus, the new chemical reaction in your body that lead to accelerated change.

Because I chose to stay with the process, I began to feel better and the Universe began to provide me with the evidence that is was easy and fun to enroll my ideal clients!

The next time your old patterns emerge you are more quickly able to find something positive to place your focus upon. When you choose to make the effort to see the positive change you usually notice how the situation no longer affects you the way it used to. From that moment on, your momentum speeds up and your point of attraction comes into alignment with your new belief/vibration.

But don’t take my word for it!

Call to Action

My mentor’s request to you is to pick a limiting belief that you have been trying to shift without much success.

  1. Commit to making the conscious effort to shift this belief – no matter what! It all starts with your DECISION to Change!

  2. Choose your new belief and write it out in a way that feels really good to you!

  3. Pick a tool that you will commit to for the next 30 days to help you shift this belief. i.e. EFT, Hypnosis, Affirmations, Journaling, etc.

  4. Choose to see with your Goddess Eyes by looking for the positive changes – no matter how small or insignificant they may appear to be. Notice them and celebrate them. Notice that the emotions you're feeling have shifted and soon you will see more and more evidence that your new belief is now your point of attraction!

I would love to hear about your experience with this process so feel free to reach out and share your experience with me.

Of course, I find it is so much easier to work through limiting beliefs in the company of like-minded peeps and if that is you as well, then you want to pay attention to the following offers that are new for 2018:

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You will go deeper into the process outlined in this article to design all you wish to create in the 5 houses. We will come together each week for 6 weeks to journal, imagine and speak our desires into reality.


This program is for you if:


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And finally, there is
The Goddess Club! It's time to surround yourself with women who are Law of Attraction savvy, exploring their Goddess energies and embracing their Highly Sensitive Strengths. This is the place where we will hone our skills, walk our talk, and have fun along the way! If you are interested in hanging with amazing Goddess Creators, exploring your unique Goddess Energies, leveraging your Highly Sensitive Strengths, and sharing laughter while creating possibilities, then The Goddess Club is for you!


I could write about all the problems a group like this one could solve but I won't because I am NOT PROBLEM FOCUSED. You already know how you feel, what you are dealing with, and you know that you are ready to feel better, to feel relief. I want to focus on the HEALING, SPIRITUAL GROWTH, SISTERHOOD, LAUGHTER, and POSSIBILITIES that can be created when women come together.


The Goddess Club is for you if:

  • You are hearing the call of the Divine Feminine seeking to rise within you

  • You are craving the intimate connection Sisterhood holds

  • You are curious to explore the use of energy management techniques in your day to day

  • Ritual speaks to you on a deep level

  • You love having a group of like-minded sisters to share and create with

  • You have a love of learning

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  • You love to laugh and play

  • You seek to express and experience your unique magic


If you feel called to any of these programs, I invite you to reach out to me to discuss which might be the best fit for you! Let's have a conversation to explore the possibilities.


I look forward to serving you in 2018 !


Until next time...