I have been feeling called to be more truthful with my words and how I am feeling. Have you been feeling this as well? It feels as though the collective is being called upon to rise above the useless noise we are hearing and to get real. We are being asked to be more intolerant of what is not truthful...of what is not real. Can you relate?

This is not an easy thing that's being asked of you. It can be difficult to always be truthful. Maybe you were taught that there were certain times when telling a “little white lie” was perfectly acceptable. When you speak a falsehood – even a “little one”, you are actually impeding your energy, creating toxicity in your relationships and carrying resentments. Over time, it all builds up and feels awful.

If the “fake truths” you are hearing are getting under your skin, the place to begin to clean it up is with yourself. It's time to get real! So if you’re ready to start speaking your truth, here are 3 steps that can get you started.

1. Clean up your own energy! - If you share your truth without making sure your own energy is free and clear, it may feel like an attack, and the other person will feel judged. So first, be sure you are coming from a place of integrity. If you feel called to get real with someone, ask yourself: Why do I feel triggered? What has been activated?

Once you have your answers, do whatever you need to do to clear that! Maybe it’s forgiving yourself, forgiving the other person, or sending loving energy their way. You want to clean up your energy before you speak your truth, because if you show up feeling out of alignment your truth won’t be heard. You want to show up with a lot of light so they can see their light reflected back to them.

2. Come from Love Speak your truth from a place of love. When you speak the truth from a place of love you will be heard. You’ll feel healed and healing will be offered up to the relationship.

The benefit of speaking your truth is you begin to take care of yourself. You begin the process to own your voice, own your needs, protect yourself and take a stand for your values no matter what. You also get very clear about your boundaries for the relationship.

There will be those that wont always like what you have to say. However, if you’re saying it from a place of love, you will be heard. Even if someone gets upset or defensive, your loving presence is enough to allow what you say to come through authentically.

3. Hold space for the other person to get real as well! - Once you’ve spoken your truth, allow the other person the opportunity to speak their own. Hold space for that. There are always two sides to every story, so speak up and then allow the other person to speak up, clearing that space for the truth to unfold.

We all want freedom — freedom from resentment, freedom from anxiety, freedom from fear. Speaking the truth with love and light will liberate you.

Call to Action

So, to recap, there are 3 steps to take when you want to get real:

1. Look within and clean up your energy.
2. Speak the truth from a place of love.
3. Hold space for the other person to be real too.

My mentor's request is to try these principles and share your experiences. There is so much superfluous noise out there. Part of your rising is to be in integrity in all ways and that includes the words you speak. Words have power so choose them wisely. Your energy, your presence, has a ripple effect in the world. You have no idea whom you will impact simply by your presence. Be mindful. Be clear. Be love.

Until next time...