(This article appeared on the blog back in 2018 but feels very pertinent now so here it is again!)

Here's a question for you. What have you done today that brings you joy? That lights you up? That has you feeling Beautiful? Alive? Sexy? What have you done today or what will you do today that is just to please YOU?


It's alright if you don't have an answer to the above. In fact, it would surprise me to hear that many of you did, because you are not taught to do what brings you joy. You are taught to take care of others. You do for others. You take care of the needs and desires of others because that is what you were taught to do to be considered “good.”


So of course, you prioritize others over your own desires. You do your best to be everything to everyone in your world. As a Mom, your children come first. As a wife, your husband/partner. In fact, how long has it been since you even thought about your own desires?


Mama Gena refers to this as the “turn off”. When you are “turned off” from your own desires/your own joy, you feel depleted and resentful. You feel overworked, underappreciated. Your cup is running on empty. When you do get together with your girlfriends, you spend most of your time comparing notes on how wrong everything is in your life. Of course, it is important to release what you feel but as a Goddess Creator, you also know that dwelling on all that is wrong will not bring you what you want. Basic Law of Attraction.

The time is now to begin prioritizing JOY! Mama Gena would call it your “turn on”. I like to think of it as being “plugged in”. You already know what it is and how to do it. Just notice what ignites your inner fire and do more of that!


Notice what brings you joy and do more of that.


You know. Your desires are not gone. They are within you. Waiting to be noticed. Waiting for you to shine the light on them.

Notice what makes you smile.


Lipstick or lip gloss? Chapstick or bare lips?

Wine, beer, tea, or water?

Yoga pants or jeans?

Dress or skirt?

Bare legs or tights?


Notice what has you feeling beautiful.


That slinky black dress or palazzo pants?

Sexy lingerie?

Hair styled or the toussled look?

Heels or flats?


What gets that Inner Fire going?

What do you feel in your body?
Is it a tingling sensation?

Is it a feeling of expansion?

Whatever that bodily sensation is, that is your connection to YOU! That is your “Plug-in.”


Being plugged in is what makes you sparkle! Nurture that. Commit to it! The more you make JOY a priority, the easier it gets.


Notice what brings you joy and do more of that!

Because the more plugged in you are, the brighter you shine!


Notice what stokes the fire and do more of that!
Not only because a woman who shines brightly is magnetic and fun to be around but because she is fun to BE!


Call to Action


My mentor's request is to take a few minutes right now to list at least 3 things you will do today that bring you joy, stokes your fire, makes you smile. How will you choose to prioritize your sparkle? Are you willing to commit to JOY as a daily practice? How will doing so impact your life?


As always, I would love to hold the space for you and witness your commitments to your sparkle so feel free to reply to this email with today's list and your answers to these questions so that I may witness you. And if you are ready to make pleasure and joy a priority, then be sure to check out Sacred Happiness at www.bit.ly/sacred-happiness and enroll today!


Until next time...