Everyone wants to be “successful” in life and we all want to leverage the Law of Attraction to gain that success. But what does it mean to be “successful”?  And how do you truly leverage the Law of Attraction?


We live in a world where our senses are under consistent stimulation. We are bombarded with the big, fancy cars, the large estate homes, millions in the bank, trips to exotic destinations, etc. Now, mind you, there’s nothing wrong with wanting all this “stuff”. The problem lies in the identification of the “stuff” as those status symbols of success. We have this tendancy to define ourselves as successful by the toys we’ve accumulated, by the admiration of others, and if we don’t have the “stuff”, we can be viewed by others as having “failed” in life.


Our economy is designed on consumption and the more we consume, the more stuff we accumulate, the fancier the gadgets we own, the more “successful” we become. But is this really what “success” is and is it really what you want? Now, think about this for a minute before answering…really think….is it really all about the “stuff”?


What if I told you that what you’re really looking for has nothing to do with all the stuff? What if I told you that what you’re really looking for is happiness? After all, why do you really believe you want the fancy car, big house and lots of money in the bank? Why do you want others to validate and admire you? It all boils down to the desire for safety, security and happiness and being able to live the life you want to live on your own terms. Again, let me reiterate, there is nothing wrong with having a lot of money or being admired and well-known, or having the fancy car or big estate. The issue stems from getting so caught up in acquiring all the “stuff” that you forget the “why” you want the stuff in the first place.


Most people are so busy trying to make a living; they forget to make a life. ~ John Harricharan


We tend to spend more time doing and not enough time simply being. What’s interesting is that in leveraging the Law of Attraction, the benefits come from a state of being. It is about feeling happiness, gratitude, contentment and love for what IS that allows all that “stuff” to flow easily into your experience. The benefit from leveraging the law does not come from the acquisition of all the stuff or the need for approval from others. The sense of security, success and self-esteem does not come from without but from within. And once you truly give up this need to possess the stuff and acknowledge who you truly are and live your life from that heart space, that’s when you manifest with ease and joy. And when that happens, you can enjoy all the stuff if that’s what you choose. The difference is that you are not controlled by the pursuit of the stuff. You are just happy and from that space of happiness, you allow your desires to manifest. You are no longer chasing. It’s a shift in perception but a vital shift that can make all the difference in your ability to leverage the Law of Attraction.


Call to Action


My mentor’s challenge to you is to think about what it is you want to manifest. Ask yourself what it is you really want…how will having this make you feel? That feeling is what you are really after. Focus on the emotion. When you focus on the emotion, you are allowing for unlimited possibilities. Can you see the magic in that? By focusing on the emotion, the manifestation of the stuff comes easily and effortlessly into your experience but you don’t have to wait for the stuff to feel the feeling. You can feel it NOW! Alignment at its best!


Of course, I realize that it can be easier said then done – especially if you have a lot of energy around the desires. This is where getting very clear around what you wish to experience in your life and having the support of a circle of like minded Goddesses can be of great value. Magic happens when you circle up and everyone is holding your visions with you. Magic happens when you move your body to call it all in. This is what Sacred Happiness is all about.


My invitation to you is to check out the program at Sacred Happiness and take the time to feel into it and give it prayerful consideration. It would be my honor and privilege to support you as you create the happiness you truly desire!


Until Next Time...