Spring represents energy of opening, awakening, and newness.  There is excitement for what is about to bloom.  What "has been" and "what is" is replaced with what "can be."  As Nature gives birth so can you give birth by releasing all that no longer serves you and inviting in new beliefs, thoughts, ideas and attitudes that DO serve you.  "Spring Cleaning" doesn't just refer to cleaning your home and garden but also yourself!  Just as your outer world needs to be weeded and the soil turned and new seeds planted, so your inner world needs that same tending. And this is the perfect time to tend to our internal cleansing! This time of “cocooning” lends itself to introspection, reflection, and calibration. The time to feel into the womb space and ask our souls “what is wanting to be birthed?”

While Winter tends to be the time of year for reflection and planning, so, too, is Spring.  When you enter the New Year, you are excited about your plans, your intentions, and you move full steam ahead to bring them into your reality.  Then....the challenges and obstacles appear and your "ego mind" puts on the brakes.  You see, your "ego mind" ( or the “little gremlin” as I so lovingly reference) doesn't like change because it views change as a danger and the "little gremlin" wants to keep you safe.


If you've stopped yourself from moving towards your intentions because they're just too difficult, now is the time to examine your beliefs, attitudes and the thoughts you think.  This is the time to Calibrate or course correct. Do they continue to serve you now or are they more a hindrance to where you want to be?  It's not too late to get yourself back into that excited energy you had at the beginning of the New Year.  You can still achieve those intentions you set for yourself but to do so will require a willingness to work through those challenges and obstacles and see them as the opportunities they are for shifting your beliefs and attitudes.


Call to Action


My coach’s request to you is to review those intentions you established back in December and January. Assess what you’ve achieved and celebrate those successes. Then review what intentions have taken a back seat or you’ve given up on all together. Ask yourself:


Do these intentions still hold value for me?

What has stopped me?

What are the underlying beliefs?

Are these beliefs even mine and do they serve me now?

What do I choose to believe going forward?


Be gentle with yourself as you go through this calibration process. You are not doing this to beat yourself up or to get caught in the “wouldda, shouldda, couldda” mentality. You are simply taking a look at what is currently going on for you and making a decision on how you wish to move forward.


As always, I would love to hear what comes up for you. Just reach out to me if you feel led to share!


Until Next Time...