These are interesting times. We are collectively experiencing a crisis like none before. Many of us are sequestered in our homes. In fact, here in the US, we are approaching the end of week 2 of “sheltering in place” or “social distancing” in the official capacity (many of us have been doing this for a bit longer). We are discovering how much we crave connection to others.


So my question to you is: How are you doing?


Really! How are you doing? What are you feeling? What is coming up for you? I know, for me, I find myself vascillating between being perfectly fine one minute, to angry as hell, or scared shitless, frustrated, get the idea. As an empath, this is not unusual for me and I have learned to question which feelings are mine and which ones are not; and if they are not mine, I do my best to let them go.


Many of you are empathic as well. Most Highly Sensitive Women are to some degree. How are you managing the plethora of energies/emotions you are experiencing right now? What practices do you utilize to manage your energy? Here are some practices and tips that you may find beneficial to navigate these times:


Connect to your Core Goddess Energies – If you have my Discover Your Goddess Archetype program, you have taken the assessment and determined your Primary and Influencing Goddess Archetypes. These energies have been with you since you came into this life experience. They are the fundamental core of who you are. Connect with them! Stay grounded in them! Do the accompanying meditation to meet and speak with them to receive guidance from them. So, for example, as the Goddess of Pleasure and Possibilities, I am always checking in to see if my reactions are aligned with Pleasure and Possibilities or fear. Asking questions such as, “does this bring me pleasure?” or “what are the possibilities in this situation?” help to keep me grounded in my core Goddess energies. If you do not have this program and would like to know what your core Goddess energies are, you may purchase the program by clicking here.


Ground yourself daily – Make time to ground yourself. There are many quick, easy ways to do this. One great way is to get outside and place your hands or feet on the earth. Another is to hug a tree – of course, first asking the tree for permission. You could choose to visualize a bolt of lightening entering your crown chakra and moving through all your chakras to finally grounding in the earth. You could choose to visualize a cord coming from your body and buroughing deep down into the heart of Mother Earth. As you can see, there are a plethora of ways to ground. If this is not something you do daily, you may want to feel into whether or not a daily grounding practice would serve you now.


Meditate, meditate, meditate! - I cannot stress this practice enough. Nothing, and I mean nothing, opens your heart more than the time you spend quieting the chatter of your Monkey Mind. I don't care how long you sit, or if you chant, sing, autowrite, listen to a guided meditation, or go for a walking meditation. As long as you are making meditation a part of your daily practice, you will feel the benefits . Start with 5 minutes and work you way up to a length of time that serves you best.


Feel into your feelings – To move through our emotions, we need to be willing to feel them fully. Don't stuff them away or pretend they aren't there. That will only lead to an explosion later. Journal your feelings. Release them from your mind and body onto the paper. Create a ritual around the release. It can be simple or more complex. Just make sure it feels good to you!


Get Present – It's easy to spiral into future casting or even past wallowing. When you find yourself starting to spin out, here is an exercise that one of my mentors shared with me. Get a piece of paper and outline your hand. Each digit represents a sense. Look at the outline of your hand and ask yourself:


What am I seeing? - Look around your environment and notice what you see.

What am I hearing? - Listen and notice what you hear.

What am I smelling? - Identify the scents you notice.

What am I touching? - Notice the textures around you.

What am I tasting? - Notice what tastes you may be experiencing.


This exercise brings your focus back to the present moment which stops the spiral in its tracks.


Make time for extreme self-care – This may seem like a no-brainer but many of us tend to subjugate our own needs for the needs of others in our household. We are sheltering in place which means kids are home, husbands/partners are home. Those fortunate enough to still have their parents around are worried about their safety. While it is perfectly normal to be worried about those we love, it is also just as important to take care of ourselves. With everyone sequestered, we need to be clear about our boundaries and what we need while honoring the needs of those we care for. Be sure to make time to take care of you!


Move your body – If you are still able to go outside, do so. Walk, run, or jog. Breathe in fresh air. Do yoga. Put on your favorite jams and dance! Get your body moving! Not only are you giving your body the exercise she needs, you are also releasing stagnant energy. Your shifting your consciousness as well which opens you up for inspiration and guidance from your Inner Goddess!


Call to Action


My mentor's request is that you take the time to manage your energy as we continue to move through these challenging times. If you have a practice that works for you, great! Lean on it! If you don't, play with some of the suggestions above to keep what works for you! Of course, if you need support, please know that I am here to serve you in what ever way makes sense for you! The Goddess Club is a group of like-minded sisters holding space for one another. I am holding weekly circles via Zoom as support during this crisis with the group. Our next circle is Thursday, April 2nd at 1 pm ET. If you are not yet a member of the free group, please join us! And if you are looking for more intimate support, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. is still looking for the last 2 spots so just reach out to me to see if this intimate circle is a fit for you!


I am here for you and it's my honor and privilege to hold space for you. I look forward to being of service to you!


Until Next Time...