Many of the women I work with come to me because they are at a transition in their life and are, as a result, questioning their own identity; their own sense of self; their own innate value. As I, myself, learn, grow and evolve I have come to own my own identity and mission. How did I do this? I learned to love myself first!

So, why is self love so important and how does it help you define who you really are and why you are here and what your purpose in life is? How does loving yourself help you to stand in your power and be confident?

Remember the first all important Universal Law which is the Law of Vibration. This law tells us that everything is energy and because it’s energy it vibrates. It’s the rate of vibration that determines what you see, hear, taste, touch, smell and attract. You also know that because of the Law of Attraction, like vibrations are attractive and all the good you desire to draw into your life vibrates at a higher frequency. So to attract all the good you desire, you must learn to vibrate at a higher frequency. The quickest and easiest way to accomplish this is through self love since love is the highest vibrations you can hold!

How do you love yourself? To love yourself is to accept yourself just as you are in this PRESENT moment. It means being kind, considerate, and loving to YOU! It means treating yourself with respect and unconditional acceptance. It means listening to your own dreams and desires. It’s about making yourself feel special and cherished and not waiting for others to do it for you. It is recognizing and celebrating your own successes. To love you is to be open and honest with yourself. You are willing to express yourself and speak your truth. You are completely connected in body, mind, and spirit.

We are so willing to do this for other people yet when it comes to ourselves, we take the back seat. Rather than honoring, celebrating and reveling in our own unique magnificence, we tend to fan the flames of discomfort. Our self talk is negative. We suffer from the “Not Good Enough-ness” that pervades our society. We take our strengths for granted or overlook them altogether. Our own needs get put on the back burner and, as a result, we devote little time and attention to connecting in with our own Divinity. We seek love, companionship, and approval outside of ourselves rather than going within. Isn’t this insanity? Instead of continuing to fan those flames of discomfort, doesn’t it make more sense to fan the flames of your own unique magnificence?

To love yourself simply means to believe in your own innate worthiness. It is taking the time – making it a priority – to nurture a healthy sense of self regard and know down to your very core that you are VALUABLE! When you love yourself, it shows up in every action you take, from the food you eat to nurture your body temple to letting go of relationships that no longer serve, sustain and uplift you. You pay attention to your own needs and desires and you honor them!

Most of us can feel “not enough” at times. We can feel there is something not good enough in our lives. We can criticize our bodies, intelligence, finances, relationship, how we feel or even what we believe. However we can learn to respect, nurture, honor, and cherish ourselves just as we learned how to walk, read, and write.

You’ve all heard me say before that if you do not take care of you, you have nothing to give to anyone else. Loving yourself is the same. If you don’t love YOU first, how can you truly love someone else? You may be able to give love but if you can’t love yourself, then you may find it difficult to receive love. Being able to receive love is a huge part of being in a healthy, loving relationship. Loving yourself is the best way to learn how to love another.

When you have mastered taking care of your own needs then you know how to extend that same care to others. When you’re on an airplane, you are instructed to place the oxygen mask over your own face first before attending to your child or traveling companion. You cannot help someone else if you haven’t helped yourself first. When I work with my clients, I cannot empower them until I have first managed my own energy and needs.

Self love is a skill to learn and a valuable gift that you give to yourself! As with anything new to learn, you may not have any idea of where to begin or what to do. And, as with learning how to play a new game, you may have a difficult time with it in the beginning. But as you learn and practice, you get better and better.

There are many ways you can love yourself and everything you experience is a wonderful opportunity to have a loving experience. When things seem to be going against you, this provides you with the opportunity to see where you are focused and how you are limiting yourself from having all you desire. Self exploration and reflection are acts of self love.

When you love yourself, you can draw to you all the wonderful experiences you would love to have. Love is the foundation for manifesting the highest levels of success in our outer world. When you completely love and accept yourself – all aspects of yourself – you emit such a strong energetic vibration into the Universe and you become a manifesting magnet! People will gravitate towards you to simply bask in the energy you emit. You enjoy being with YOU!

It really is paramount that you understand that the energy of love is one of the highest vibrations in the Universe. Whether you love another or love yourself, you are physically vibrating at a much higher frequency. Those lower vibrations such as fear, greed, lack, impatience, or frustration will only serve to block you from manifesting all you desire. It’s through increased levels of self love that you will naturally shift your vibration, transforming yourself into a powerful magnet that attract those divine experiences, relationships, and financial opportunities into your life. The more you cultivate self love, the more the Universe will flow its abundance to you!


Call to Action


My mentor’s request to you is to start making YOU your number one priority! This doesn’t have to be difficult or overwhelming. Just start with looking deep into your own eyes in a mirror and say “I love you. You are important to me and I commit to taking good care of the Goddess/Adonis that you are!” I am a big believer in the power of 3 so my recommendation is to say this statement as you look at yourself in the mirror 3 consecutive times 3 times every day. It may feel silly at first but I have seen miracles take place with my clients who have done this process. They begin to feel more confident, more powerful and more compassionate. I challenge you to try it and see what it does for you! Will you take up my challenge?


Until Next Time...