Many women do not feel they are creative. I know, I used to be one of them. However, we are all innately creative. It is fundamental to who we are. If the Divine is creative, and we are each a unique expression of that Divine energy, then we too are creative! If you consistently say, “I am not creative,” then that’s an affirmation that will be true for you for as long as you continue to use it. There’s an innate creativity flowing through you, and if you let it out, it will surprise and delight you. You may express your creativity differently than others, but everyone is creative. 

You create your life each and every day
. You’re creating every moment of your life—from the creation of new cells in your body, to your emotional responses, to your present job, to your bank account, to your relationships, and to your beliefs about yourself. We all have unique talents and abilities that help to create the life we experience.

There are a myriad of ways you express yourself creatively.
You could be the Picasso of bed making, you could be a chef extraordinaire, you could be an artist in the garden, or you could be inventive in the ways in which you’re kind to others. No matter how your creative expression manifests, feel the satisfaction and be deeply fulfilled by all that you do.

You are divinely guided by Spirit at all times. Know that you never walk alone and that Spirit makes no mistakes. When there’s a strong desire within you to express or create something, know that this feeling is a Divine nudge. This nudge is your calling—and no matter what it is, if you choose to answer that call, you’ll be guided, supported, and prospered. This can be scarey because in many cases you will be asked to stretch yourself – to move out of your comfort zone. You have the choice to just trust and let it flow, or remain stuck in fear. Trusting is key and it's a muscle that needs to be strengthened. It's not always easy to step out in faith but the rewards can be beyond your wildest dreams! 

As stated earlier, you express creativity every single day. Being uniquely YOU is a creative expression. When you fully know that down to your very core, you can release any false beliefs that you’re not creative, and go forward with each and every project that comes to mind. 

Affirmations for Creativity 

If there is something calling you, or if you just want to be more creative in general, then here are some affirmations for creativity that you can play with:


  • I release all resistance to expressing my creativity.

  • I am always connected to my creative source.

  • My creativity flows easily and effortlessly.

  • I do something new or different every day.

  • There is ample time and opportunity for creative expression.

  • My family totally supports me in fulfilling my dreams.

  • All of my creative projects bring me great satisfaction.

  • I know that I can create miracles in my life.

  • I feel good expressing myself in all sorts of creative ways.

  • I am my own unique self: special, creative, and wonderful. I direct my creative talents toward anything that gives me pleasure.

  • The key to creativity is knowing that my thinking creates my experience. I use this key in every area of my life.

  • I am a clear thinker, and I express myself with ease.

  • I am learning to be more creative every day.

  • My job allows me to express my talents and abilities, and I rejoice in this employment.

  • My creativity is unlimited.

  • My innate creativity surprises and delights me.

  • I am safe and fulfilled in all that I do.

  • My talents are in demand, and my unique gifts are appreciated by those around me.

  • Each moment in life is ever-new and fresh.

  • My heart is the center of my power. I follow my heart.

  • I am a joyous, creative expression of life.

  • Ideas flow to me easily and effortlessly.

Call to Action

My mentor's request is that you go to your journal with the following questions:

1. In what ways am I aware of my creativity?

2. How can I expand my creativity?

3. Where would I like to be more creative?

4. Whom do I need to BE to express more creatively?

For extra credit, you can choose 1-3 of the affirmations shared above and work with them for the next 40 days. Journal what you notice.

As always, I would love to hear what this holds for you so feel free to reach out to me and share your experiences!

Until Next Time...