Reading or listening to the news – or even in my feed on Facebook – can create feelings of:



Anger and even Rage.

It's not a pretty picture.
Children are dying of starvation. Animals are dangerously close to extinction due to trophy hunting. Children are committing suicide due to bullying or confusion around their sexual orientation. People are shot because of the color of their skin. Human trafficking is still alive and well – so is genocide and racism. And sexual predators are in political positions of power.

You know how awful it is. You know it's not ending any time soon. You subscribe to this blog so I know your heart hurts as much as mine.

And it’s all very overwhelming.

As Highly Sensitive Women, our default is to just shut down when overwhelm or the threat of overwhelm sets in. This temptation to shut down is very strong within us. It's one of our coping mechanisms.


But it is not time to shut down. Your spark, your light, is needed now! Right now!


There is no doubt we are living in turbulent times. And because you are reading this, here is what I do know about you:


You are a woman who is Awakening. You are awakening to your Divine Feminine Essence – or Inner Goddess as I like to say. You are awakening to who you truly are, what you deeply desire on a soul level, what you want to see for this world in which we live, and that deeper knowing that there is a tremendous dis-connect from what it truly means to live a Happy, Pleasurable Life!


In many ways, this knowing, this longing is a calling. Are you heeding the call?


Heeding this call every single day can bring about extreme pressure and overwhelm.

The antidote to overwhelm isn’t shutting down, but opening up.  Awakening.

Awakening – from the old english word, awæcnan - means “to spring into being, arise, originate”. It is a conscious, deliberate action.

What is arising within you? 

You can transform overwhelm and shutting down to awakening. 

If we choose to rise above the well of negativity – and if you're reading this, you do – thoughts of positivity are not enough. We must get back to our connection to Self, to Mother Earth, to all aspects/faces of the Divine Feminine. We must remember that we are so much more than this physical body. We have access to Divine Life Force – Divine Energy – the energy that creates worlds!

When I feel myself in danger of shutting down, this is how I choose to move through it:

1.  Express Appreciation. I deeply appreciate the range and intensity of the emotions I experience. I deeply appreciate this human experience, the good, the bad and the downright ugly. I allow myself to deeply feel what needs to be felt, knowing that as I do so, I am moving the energy so it can be transmutted into fuel to move me forward. I deeply appreciate knowing that I am not alone. I know I am connected to more than just my own physical expression and trust that I will be guided to do what is mine to do.

2.  Move Your Body.  I consciously move my body. Whether it is through Yoga or Dance, I intend to move my emotions through moving my body. I see the energy moving through me into Mother Earth where it is taken and transformed. This movement practice is meditative for me and once I feel the weight of emotions lifting, I am an empty vessel for guidance for my next best steps.

3.  Create.  Anything. It doesn't have to be a complex artistic project. Or it could be if you choose. It can be as simple as lighting a candle at my altar. It could be coloring in a coloring book. It could be how I choose to dress or the words I write or how I choose to BE love. It's whatever you choose to do with intention.

When you make the conscious choice to intentionally open it, you are connecting back in with yourself. You become more whole. No, it doesn't end war, sexism, or racism but you are more able to face those things connected to your Divinity. From that connected place, you can respond from love instead of fear. There is more than enough fear in this world. The world needs more of us responding from love and more often.

This choice to rise and not shut down takes so much courage as it is easy to let fear and overwhelm win. Hopefully, you find a circle of women who support you and have your back. If you don't have one locally, find one virtually. Sacred Happiness 6 Week Circle may be a fit for you (June 4-July 8), or The Goddess Club (ongoing membership), or even the Divine Feminine Dance Mastermind (10 month mastermind starting in September). We are all in this together. We are so much greater than what we are experiencing on this planet. The time is now to tune in and rise to that greater awareness and connection to self, one another, and Mother Earth. You are invited. You are wanted and needed. Are you ready to rise?


Call to Action


My mentor's request is to feel into the following questions:


How am I awakening?


What is rising within me?


How am I choosing to respond to the call to rise?


How will I choose to release overwhelm and negative emotions?


As always, I would love to hear what these journaling questions hold for you and if any of the programs I shared above call to you, let's talk. I invite you to reach out to me and we will schedule a chat to see which will best serve your needs.


Until Next Time....