I know you understand the importance of visualizing your desires. Perhaps you've made a vision board for 2019 or even spent some time writing out your intentions for the year and meditating on them. Being able to hold onto your vision is a key component in the manifestation process. Hold tight to your vision. Think about it. Speak about it. Act as if it's already a done deal. But, there is another key component to the process that many of us tend to forget about. It is the “rocket fuel” that really moves those desires from the non-physical stuff into form.

Creation starts with Emotional manifestation” ~ Abraham-Hicks

It's important to remember that it's not enough to just visualize our desires. To really align with the frequency of those desires, you want to feel the feelings you believe you will experience when the desire manifests. The emotions are the rocket fuel behind the manifestation process. I know you've heard this before but it's so vital that it is worth repeating and drumming into your consciousness.

When you can activate the feeling state of your desires, you activate the belief that you can truly have what you desire to create! Everything is energy and energy has its own unique frequency or vibration. That is the Law of Vibration at work. And because everything is energy, you are emitting the frequency which aligns with your desires thereby activating the Law of Attraction!

I belong to Gabrielle Bernstein's Miracle Membership and every month we get a new mantra to play with. This month's mantra fits in very nicely with this article and I offer it to you to play with as well:

I believe it, so I see it!”

It's not enough to just hold the thought in your mind. You want to believe what it is you are thinking. For example, I can say “I am rich” until I am blue in the face but if I don't feel rich, the words are meaningless and what I am really vibrating is “I am NOT rich.”

So, as you feel into what you want to create, ask yourself “How will it feel to be, do, or have this?” Have fun and lighten up. Don't make your visualization time a chore. When you can make this time fun and lighthearted, you automatically begin to feel the emotions associated with your desires.

Let's say you want to create a new car. Perhaps a BMW X5. Imagine yourself driving and feel the wind in your hair. See yourself driving to a favorite destination – maybe the beach or lake – with some friends. Experience the joy, the laughter, the comraderie. Feels good, doesn't it?

Or maybe you wish to attract your dream partner. Imagine you are sitting on the couch together engaged in a passionate kiss or you imagine you're laughing together over something silly. Can you feel the smile forming on your face?

Here is a visualization I have been using to attract more financial prosperity. It's simple yet powerful because of the emotions it invokes within me as I play with it:

Begin by taking 3 deep breaths to consciously relax. I imagine that I am by a waterfall – specifically High Falls at Minnewaska Park in NY but pick a location that is meaningful for you. I am sitting on a nice flat rock at the bottom of the falls and I am hypnotized by the sound of the water cascading over the falls. As I close my eyes, I feel the breeze and the spray from the falls against my face.

I allow myself to float away in the bliss of my surroundings when I suddenly feel something brush against my arm. My hand immediately goes to my arm and as I open my eyes, I notice it's a $1 bill. I look around and see that I am alone in this sacred space.

Soon, I notice another bill....then another....then the next one I see is a $5 bill, then a $10, a $20....and as I turn my head towards the falls, I see it has become a cascade of bills in all denominations! Piles of bills are collecting around me and the stream is also nothing but flowing bills.

I begin to laugh out loud as I take in all the financial prosperity around me. I move from the smooth rock to a spot underneath the falls and allow the money to wash over me as I hold my arms outstretched. Still laughing, I yell “Thank you Goddess! (or whatever term resonates for you) Oh, the fun I will have as I enjoy flowing this money!”

I begin throwing the money up in the air, dancing around it, swimming in it. I envision all the ways I will flow the money and as I do so, I hear a still small voice whisper, “This is always here for you whenever you need it.”

And with this KNOWING, I grab all the bills I can carry understanding that I can come back to this space again when I need to replenish my supply. I feel the relief in knowing my needs and desires will always be met and the Spirit is truly my supply!

Now that you see all the fun you can have while visualizing and how keeping it light can invoke the power of emotion which supercharges the process, what will you choose to create?

Call to Action

My mentor's request to you is to pick one of your desires to play with. Remember, this process is meant to feel good so you want to keep it light and playful. Allow whatever flows to flow. There is no forcing or struggling here.

  1. Set your intention to activate the vibration of your desire through visualization.

  2. Create the sacred space by lighting a candle, or playing some music, or in any other way that feels juicy to you.

  3. Repeat the mantra, “I believe it, so I see it!” or some other mantra that speaks to you.

  4. Immerse yourself in the image of your desire. Feel the feelings.

  5. When you are complete, take out your journal and write about this experience.

  6. Rinse and repeat!

Until next time...