Do you ever feel that your life is not your own? You find yourself just going through the motions day to day. Life has become rote and routine. In many ways, you may find yourself living for others. Nothing you do feels like you....what you love....who you are....what you value. Is this resonating?

Or, maybe you are just too busy surviving, making ends meet, serving the needs of others, being the responsible one. And how does it all feel?


Do you find yourself longing for change? You have this knowing deep, deep down that you life is not supposed to be like this but you have no idea what you truly want. Maybe you do know what you want but you don't believe you can have it because it just feels too big...too far off...too whatever. Worse yet, perhaps you are unable to receive/allow what you want to flow to you.


This is cultural. It affects us all. We are taught to subjugate our own needs. All of this can leave us feeling resentment, anger, bored, stagnant, anxious, uneasy, exhausted, and depleted. Perhaps you have even uttered in your mind, “This is not the life I am supposed to be living!” Aren't you tired of doing that? I know that I am!


While on the outside, we look successful, happy, productive, and loving; on the inside there is this hole that grows in size due to lack of fulfillment. A hole that no one else sees yet we feel it. We know it's there and growing. And it will continue to grow until we decide that enough is enough!


Energy doesn't lie! We simply cannot continue to live like this and not have it affect our physical and emotional well-being. Think about that. Really take it in and ask youself, “Is this a price I am willing to pay?”


So, how do you break this pattern? The answer is simple but not necessarily easy. First, we want to decide what we want. Then we want t0 choose to claim it as ours and finally, when it arrives, allow ourselves to receive it.


While these steps are simple, our current cultural environment is not supportive of the feminine or feminine desires. We are making strides but there's still a long way to go before the feminine and masculine are balanced. We want to create a culture – an environment – where desire is supported and nurtured. The Feminine thrives in community!


You are not meant to do this alone! When you surround yourself with those who see your greatness, who can hold your desires with you, and remind you of just how powerful a creator you truly are then there is no limit to what you can accomplish! Suddenly, all you thought was impossible becomes possible.


Let's conduct an experiment. Ask a close girlfriend to give you a list of all she desires to create. No holds barred. From the simplest to the most outrageous. Let her know you won't share it with anyone else and you won't hold her to it. And you give her your list. This is just a fun experiment.


As you look at her list and see her desires – more intimacy with her partner, the movement she wishes to start, perhaps the books she wants to birth – ask yourself how it feels. Can you see it for her? Do you believe she can have what she desires? Are you thinking about ways you might be able to help her to achieve her desires? And I bet your friend sees the same for you and your list as well!


You see, when women come together in Circle, possibility is ignited. This is the heart of Embrace the Power and Magic of the Divine Feminine Group Program. The inner work is done in a powerful, nurturing community where each woman holds space for one another, supports each other, and celebrates with each other.


Of course, you may create your own Circle and create that supportive, nurturing community on your own. Find the women and invite them into your Circle. Support each other. Dream and Vision together. Celebrate the wins – large and small. Watch as life expands!


Call to Action



My mentor's request is to play with the tips in this article. And if you find it difficult to stay focused, get the support you need. Create your own Circle or check out Embrace the Power and Magic of the Divine Feminine Group Program. Read about the program and feel into it. If it feels like a fit, request your application today!


As always, I would love to hear what the tips hold for you so feel free to share your experiences with me.


Until Next Time...