If you live in the US, no matter what side you may be on, the energetic climate is quite palpable and at times very hard to feel/witness. I am an Emotional Empath – which means I can sense the emotions of others and sometimes even take them on as my own. This energetic climate can overwhelm me very easily without my extreme self-care tools. Sometimes that tool is to simply “turn off” and “tune out.”


BUT, what I am coming to realize is that it doesn't serve me or the collective to do so. The time for being apathetic is over. We are living in a political climate where doing nothing or ignoring the problem in the hopes it will go away simply is no longer an option. I have a voice and it is time to use it.


My heart aches over all that is transpiring in this country. The deception, the fear, the hatred, the division. It's all very overwhelming. However, pretending it doesn't exist won't heal the issue. I am angry! Very angry. I have a difficult time understanding how in this day and age we – as a collective – are still so divided. And my sadness around this has now turned into anger – and in being totally authentic – my anger scares me. I find myself feeling like that character in the movie Network who stands in the window and screams “I'm mad as hell and I'm not gonna take it anymore!”.


It is very easy to fall prey to “righteous anger”. To continue to fan the flames of division and further widen that gap. What is happening in our country is shining a light on all that still needs to heal. This is the Divine Purpose that is currently being served. While it may be difficult to live within, it is necessary for our evolution. Before we can invite change, we need to see what we haven't seen – or haven't allowed ourselves to see. This also includes seeing our own privilege. I admit that I have not experienced what a person of color has experienced. I can say I have experienced discrimination as a woman. I have experienced harrassment. As a woman, rights and privileges that we now take for granted were instituted within my own lifetime. 1976 was when the first group of women were allowed into a US military academy. The Equal Credit Opportunity Act in 1974 allowed women to get credit with their own name. Less than 50 years ago!


As I write this, it is Election Day. Now more than ever, it is important that EVERYONE who is registered to vote get out and do so! Mid-terms generally have a very apathetic turn-out. As I stated earlier, the time for apathy is over. This is how we as a people of this nation use our voice. We go to the polls! No matter how you vote, it is of vital importance that you get out and vote. That you use your voice!


Especially as women, it is so important to exercise the right that many fought and died for.


Freedoms that we have enjoyed are being challenged. The right for women to have reproductive control over their own bodies. The right to worship in the manner we so choose. The basic right of “Liberty and Justice for ALL” being inclusive of ALL and NOT just the privileged few. Shootings in places of worship, in our schools and even at the grocery store. Simply because of differences. It has to stop!


You may feel powerless to stop any of this. You may feel your voice won't make a difference. I know that I have felt – and sometimes still feel – that I don't have the power to affect change...but I DO – and so DO YOU!


And no matter what the results of Election Day turn out to be, we still can make our voices heard! So, how can you use your voice and help affect a powerful healing?


Be Informed – Take an interest in what is going on in your community. Be willing to look at the political climate both on the federal and local level. You don't need to obsess but you do want to be aware of what is happening.


Be Willing to Listen – Just because an opinion is different from yours doesn't mean it's invalid. You want to be willing to hear between the lines. So much of the division we are currently living in is due to the unwillingness of both sides to sit down and really listen with an open heart and open mind.


Get Involved – In whatever way feels good to you. Take part in town meetings. Sign petitions. Call and speak with your representatives. Volunteer. Attend a peaceful protest. Be willing to take a stand.


Be Respectful – EVERYONE deserves respect. Your words will not be heard if you are screaming from the energy of righteous indignation and name calling. Remember, underlying all of this is the energy of FEAR. We fear our needs won't be met or there is something we will lose.


Practice Extreme Self-Care – Politics and religion push our buttons like nothing else can. We are not taught how to have civil conversations on these topics so when your buttons are being pushed, you want to take excellent care of yourself so you don't lash out in anger. Know when to stay and when to walk away.


As Best As You Are Able, Be Willing to See Through the Eyes of Love – As difficult as it can feel, only LOVE has the power to heal. In the heat of the moment, stop and take a breath and ask yourself “How does LOVE see this?” “What would LOVE do?” Then, act from that guidance.


Call to Action


My mentor's request to you is to feel into these tips and work with the ones that resonate most deeply for you at this moment. We live in precarious times and it's going to take a whole lot of LOVE to heal. Are you willing to do your part and use your voice in an authentic, loving way? Are you willing to take that anger and channel it into loving action?

Remember, your action doesn't need to be big. Every little bit – done with love – helps!


Until Next Time...