Rhonda Byrne wrote about it in her follow up to "The Secrect" known as "The Power". Celine Dion sang about it. Epic poems have beeen written about it. Religions have been founded on it. People search their entire lives to find it. What is this "secret sauce to life"? Marci Shimoff sums it up in her best-seller, "Love for No Reason". Now, keep in mind that it's not just about romantic or familial love - all of which is a part for sure - but what is really being spoken about here is Unconditional Love. We're talking about the energy or essence of Love. Loving without conditions.

So where does Unconditional Love originate? It is the energy of Source/Goddess/Universe or whatever term you choose to use. It is living your life from your heart. It is seeing the world around you through your Goddess Eyes, the Eyes of Love. It is embodying the highest vibration you possibly can because when you live and view your life from that pure vibration of Love, there is deep appreciation for all that is. It is living your life in alignment where you are happy with what is and excited about what is to come. Can't you feel the excitement of this energy?

The good news is that this energy is available to you every day, 24/7, 365, for your entire life if you choose to allow it. It does not exist outside of yourself. It does not require proof of worthiness, for you are already worthy and always have been. You do not need to have it "validated" for you. All you need to do is open your heart and let it flow. Give yourself permission to embody this energy.


There are many ways in which you already embody Unconditional Love. If you are a pet owner, you love your pet unconditionally. And your pet loves YOU unconditionally. Even if your pet displays behavior that is not to your liking, you still love your pet. Your love for your pet is not based upon its good behavior. There are no “conditions” placed on the love that radiates from your heart for your pet. This is the purity of Unconditional Love. If you're a parent, you love your child unconditionally. When you are out in nature, the beauty you see around you is loved unconditionally. What else in your life do you love unconditionally?


Being in this energy of unconditional love, life is sweeter. You view your life experiences as positive growth opportunities. Every experience holds a golden nugget for you to mine. You see that everything in life is FOR you and not AGAINST you. It may not always be easy to see through your Goddess Eyes but the more you choose to cultivate this energy, the easier it becomes. Seeing and feeling unconditional love is a spiritual practice.


Call to Action

Here is a meditation to helpp you cultivate the energy of Unconditional Love.
Your mission this week is to find some quiet time every day to practice this meditation:


Close your eyes and place your hands over your heart chakra. Focus your attention there by breathing into your heart. See and feel your breath moving in this chakra. Flowing in when you inhale and releasing all stress and tension on the exhale. When you feel peaceful, visualize a column of pink light energy flowing from above, through your crown chakra and into your heart. Feel and see this pink light gathering there – it may feel like warm or you may notice some vibration or tingling – whatever you experience is right and perfect for you. As this pink light fills your heart, when it is full to bursting, see this light spill out from your heart, filling you and allow it to radiate out into your entire being. Let it continue to extend beyond your body and out into your surroundings. Sit with this energy for as along as you like. When you are ready, bring your awareness back into your body, wiggle your fingers and toes, feel yourself grounded, take one more deep, cleansing breath and then open your eyes. Remember the feeling and take that energy with you into your day.

As always, I would love to hear what this meditation holds for you and if you work with it as part of your daily spiritual/energy management practice, what begins to shift and open for you. Feel free to share your experience with me or on our
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