Procrastination is something we all tend to battle at some point in time in our lives. As a Highly Sensitive woman, you can find yourself stuck on the Procrastination Wheel more often than not. This doesn’t make you a bad person, lazy, or a failure. Procrastination tends to rear its ugly head when you are being pushed beyond your comfort zone. The good news is that you can overcome the debilitating effects of being under procrastination’s spell. All you need to do is understand the four main causes of procrastination. When you fully understand the cause, you can break through and overcome procrastination.

The 4 main causes of procrastination are:

  1. Fear of Success

  2. Fear of Change

  3. Lack of Clarity

  4. Fear of Failure

In this article, we’ll take a closer look at….

1.      FEAR of SUCCESS

Most people don’t realize that they even have a fear of being successful. Because they don’t realize it, they brush it off or discount the possibility. However, it’s one of the biggest fears that you have. You imagine it; you can get excited about it but if there is any part of you that is afraid of what that success will COST you, then procrastination steps in.

The fear stems from what success will cause – who will you have to be, how much time will you have to spend, how much freedom will you have to sacrifice, what will your loved ones think, who’s hand will be out looking for their share, how much tax you'll have to pay - fear of success is the source of so much procrastination!

The truth is that you’re not afraid of success itself. You’re afraid of the sacrifices you might have to make to achieve and live that successful life. The good news is that you can overcome this fear, but to do so, you must create all aspects of your life the way you want. Honestly look at what your fear of success will cause, and then think creatively about how you can circumvent those issues. When you shift into a solutions oriented mindset - you are powerful! It’s all about creating your entire life…not just one aspect of it…and when you keep that foremost in your mind, you can stay on track.

Call to Action

Here is an excellent exercise that will help you to figure out where you might be feeling fearful:

Ask yourself:

If this works, what will the benefits be? 

Write down everything positive that comes to mind. Then ask yourself this:

If this works, what sacrifices will I have to make? Or what might I lose if I have this success?

Again, write it all down. Don’t think too hard about it. Let whatever flows out of you to flow. Don’t judge it, just write.

Once you have it all down on paper, you put the light of awareness on it. When you’re aware of what you fear, you can shift from fear to solution! Remember, your life is what YOU design it to be and when you’re in a solution mindset, procrastination takes a back seat!


Until next time...