Living an aligned life is something you strive for if you choose to consciously implement the Law of Attraction. However, the reality of your day to day can take you out of that alignment you so desperately seek. Here are some useful tips to keep you aligned with all you desire!


1. Take 15 minutes a day to connect with your divinity. You are the Divine in physical expression. That connection to who you really are is generally forgotten over time and can foster a feeling of powerlessness. Balance this by taking at least 15 minutes each day to connect to the Divine within! Meditation is a powerful method for building and strengthening this connection. You naturally flow in and out of meditative states many times throughout the day. Meditation does not necessarily mean sitting in lotus position chanting Om. Going for a walk out in nature can be a meditative experience. Reading an inspirational book can open you up to Divine Guidance. Listening to music that places you in a “feel good” space can turn up the volume on your connection to the Divine. As you can see, there are various ways to connect. It doesn't matter which method you choose so long as you choose to connect in!

2. If something feels difficult, or a struggle then don’t do it! Life is not supposed to be hard or a struggle. Being out of alignment is why things feel difficult. When you’re struggling, you’re out of alignment and the more you struggle, the deeper the pit of negative emotion becomes. So… Stop It (as Bob Newhart would say)! If all you can manage to do is take a walk or watch a funny movie, you will release resistance, which immediately brings you back into alignment.

3. Stop comparing. When you compare yourself to others you consider to be successful, you feel inadequate or sometimes even ‘cursed.’ Comparison leads to judgment of self and others and is an ego game that wastes your time and energy. You are always in your right place, and you have a choice in every single moment to love and encourage yourself. Loving yourself gets you into alignment while comparing and criticizing yourself (or others) “spits you right out again” (as Abraham likes to say).

4. Pay attention to how you feel.  Abraham, as channeled through Esther Hicks, teaches that your innate guidance system is emotional. Feel good and you are in alignment. Feel bad and you are not. Many people have little to no awareness of how they feel or like to think they feel good when, in fact, they don’t. Law of Attraction is essentially a path to greater self awareness. It all starts with becoming aware of how you feel. If you’re not already tuned into this, start by checking in with yourself a few times throughout the day. Ask: how am I feeling right now?

5. When you feel bad, do something about it. While feeling negative emotion is part of the human experince, it is not something you want to wallow within. Those of you who know me know that I am a big believer in allowing yourself to fully feel your emotions as a way of allowing that energy to move through and out of your energy fields. Having said that, you don't want those negative emotions to be your main point of attraction. You want to feel good. You want to be happy. The intent is to move yourself up the emotional scale as quickly and easily as you can! When you feel anything less than good, go back to steps 1, 2, and 3 to move your thoughts and feelings, as best as you can, on an authentically positive track.

6. Go general. Do your affirmations feel good when you say them? “By September 2017 I will double my monthly income.” “I now exercise 30 minutes a day and eat only healthy foods.” There are many Law of Attraction teachers that tout being very specific with your affirmations and that can work – especially if you’re already pretty close to achieving your desires. However, those BIG desires don’t always manifest on your timetable. If your affirmations and self talk feel stressful, choose language that’s gentler. “I am feeling my financial well-being” is a beautiful and effective gentle manifestation. So is “I am ready to choose more healthy foods and daily exercise.” Or “I am attracting my soul mate and allowing the universe to find the best way to connect us.” This is known as “going general.” It works!

7. If you feel stuck, get help. You are not meant to “go it alone”. You hire an accountant or tax professional to prepare your taxes; you go to a doctor or other health practitioner to help you get healthy. If you need legal counsel, you seek a lawyer. It’s the same thing with your life and your happiness. Your happiness is probably your most prized value…as is your freedom! In fact, being happy/feeling good affects every aspect of your well-being. It’s no secret, and science has now proven this, that our thoughts and feelings have a direct impact on how well our bodies perform. Even if you think you don’t have money for any of these “extras,” denying yourself help costs you far more than investing in effective support.




Call to Action

My mentor's request is that you choose one of the steps above and implement it this week. Pick the one that feels best to you and play with it. Commit to it. So, for example, if you feel drawn to giving up comparison, set the intention to become aware of when you are comparing yourself to others so that you can make the conscious choice to stop those thoughts and choose thoughts that are self – loving and self – encouraging. Notice what you notice.

As always, I would love to hear about your experiences with these steps so feel free to share with me.

Until next time....