As a Goddess Creator, you are always in vibration management mode to keep a positive frequency flowing. And neuroscience is touting the benefits of maintaining a positive outlook on life. One of the plethora of ways to shift your mood is to simply use your senses! Sensory perception can be a very powerful way to instantly shift out of a less than stellar mood.

Now, this does not mean gorging on a quart of ice-cream or downing a king sized candy bar in an attempt to numb yourself. This is more of a truly mindful practice that brings you into the moment and lets your body lead rather than your mind.

You don't have to take all of my suggestions that I share here. In fact, you don't really want to do that. You want to discover what your personal delights are and that journey is another wonderful way to shift. So, here is how I play with this:


I have always been very visual. Beautiful images light me up. Some of my favorites include images of water. I have many beach pictures on my computer. There is a framed image of Steve and I on the beach in North Carolina, holding each other and laughing. I can't help but smile when I look at it. And let's not forget my connection to the Moon. Images of the Full Moon in particular remind me of the angels that watch over all of us, but especially Brad. Seeing his face in the moon always uplifts me as it reminds me that he is still vested in our lives and it's his way of letting me know he is still with us.


Music has always been a powerful force in my life. Nothing puts me in touch with an emotion faster than music. I have a feel good playlist that I put on and dance to when I want to raise my vibe. The sound of laughter is another favorite. You cannot help but laugh when others are laughing. It is contagious! The sound of ocean waves transport me right back to the beach and I feel the tension leave my body.


Scent can link you to happy memories, or intoxicating possibilities. It’s probably my favorite when it comes to sensory vibe-lifters because it's an immediate shift. I LOVE essential oils. I discovered them when I was having skin issues and began to make my own personal care products. There are many fragrances that I adore but nothing beats the scent of pure rose and jasmine sambac oils. In fact, rose and jasmine sambac oils' noted benefits include lifting depression and grief, calming the mind, and as an aphrodisiac - among many others.


I will be the first to admit that this one can be tricky. It can be very easy to over-indulge (and I have been known to do so) but what you want to remember here is that you are using this as a mindful mood shifting moment and you want to relish the experience. You want to pick something that you love that you can give yourself the gift of slowing down to enjoy. So let's say you want to use a piece of chocolate. I love the Ghiradelli Chocolate Squares and will gift myself 2 of them at a time. I take delight in unwrapping them, feeling the texture of them and when I take a bite, really feeling the chocolate as it melts in my mouth. I can also do this with a piece of good cheese or a juicy white peach. Mmmmmmm, good!


This includes everything from hugs (those lovely hugs that can trigger release of the bonding hormone oxytocin) to tickling (great for triggering laughter) to massage (pressure strokes that release tension from your body plus aroma if your masseuse is using essential oils). It also includes running your fingers over or through any texture that you love. I have a small throw that I crocheted myself using yarn that is extremely soft. I love how that blanket feels on my hands and how it feels like a warm and inviting hug when I wrap it around myself. The key with touch is that you are able to access it without having to rely on another person. And yes, this is possible for almost all forms of touch, if you remember that it is and allow yourself to do it.

Call to Action

My mentor's request is to identify for yourself your mood shifters. There are so many ways to shift your mood that are free, easy to access, and do not need anything outside of yourself! Look up from your computer right now. What three things can you see? What could you touch? What deliciously scented thing is around you right now that you could sniff? What can you hear? Or what delicious treat can you savor in a mindful manner?

Find three things. Right now. Go!

Until next time.....