Many financial mentors state that if you don't have an abundant mindset when you win a large sum of money, you won't maintain your new found wealth for very long. Lack mentality is not in alignment with great wealth and if you practice lack based thoughts, the newly acquired wealth will be gone as quickly as it came.

As Goddess Creators know, you need a rich mentality to maintain a rich reality! An abundance mindset takes practice! It requires focused attention to the thoughts you think, the words you speak, and the emotions you feel when it comes to money. If your predominant thoughts have been that “money is hard” or “I never have enough”, then you want to be very deliberate about creating thoughts that are more in alignment to what you DO want when it comes to prosperity.

You want to create a prosperity mindset by practicing what it means to be prosperous. Here are some easy ways to begin this practice:

  1. Appreciate the wealth already present. When you are so focused upon money, there is a tendency to discount the other ways wealth/abundance/prosperity manifests in your life. Remember, what you appreciate appreciates...meaning it grows. Take stock of what is already around you. You have a roof over your head. You have food on your table. You have clothes to wear. You are already wealthier than many in this time/space reality. Acknowledge that! Appreciate that! Feel the vibration of that!

  2. Use your power of Imagination. Everything in your experience was first imagined in the mind of the person or being who created it! There are so many stories of people who imagined their desires before they became their reality. Jack Canfield (Chicken Soup for the Soul) pasted a dollar bill that he marked up to read 1 million dollars to the ceiling above his bed and would stare at it every night imagining what it would feel like to have that amount of money. Jim Carey wrote himself a check in the amount he wanted to receive for doing a movie and would look at it and imagine himself receiving that check until it became his reality. Mike Dooley has shared that long before he was financially successful, whenever a bill came in the mail, he would say “It's a good thing I'm rich!” There are a plethora of ways to engage your imagination to create that prosperity vibration. You can visualize, state affirmations that feel juicy to say, journal, act as if you already are prosperous (because in many ways, you are!), or a vision board with images of wealth that delight you. Using your imagination is a powerful method of raising your prosperity vibe!

  3. Immerse yourself in a prosperous environment. Where do prosperous people hang out? What kind of car do they drive? What clothes do they wear? Why not check out some of these places and allow the vibration to infuse your energy? Hang out in the lobby of a glam hotel – here it's the Hotel Hershey. What “rich feeling” hotels are in your area? Test drive a BMW or Mercedes or Lexus. Visit a high end clothing store and try on some clothes. Go visit a ritzy neighborhood, check out real estate. Have fun with this!

  4. Manage your wealth. What will you do with this money once it's in your reality? Do you have a plan in place? If not, you might want to consider creating a plan. How much will you set aside for tax purposes? What will you tithe and to which organizations? How will you invest and in what vehicles? Do you know a good financial planner? Why not start interviewing planners in your area so you know who you will choose when the money arrives. Paving the way for the arrival of money sends a strong signal to Source that you are ready to receive it.

  5. Who will you BE when you are wealthy? Are you at all concerned that having wealth will change who you are? I remind you that you get to CHOOSE who you will BE at all times so if you believe wealth will change you then you get to decide how that change will manifest. What will you wear? What will your typical day be? How will you carry yourself? How will you speak? How will you think? Again, you get to CHOOSE. To be real for a moment, wealth will change you to a certain degree but unless you are an ass to begin with, money will not make you an ass. Money is an amplifier so if you are a good person, more money will just amplify your goodness. So, decide who you will BE and find ways to BE that NOW!

Call to Action

My mentor's request to you is to put these steps into action now! Look for the ways that you are already abundant! See yourself with all the money you wish to experience. Play in an abundant environment. Experiment with how you can make your own environment feel more abundant. Create your wealth plan. Define and embrace your wealthy identity in ways that are currently available to you. Notice how you feel. Be aware of what changes around you as you play in this vibration. Record what you notice in your Evidence Journal and as always, I would love to hear your successes so feel free to post on our Facebook page or email me and share your joys!

Until next time....