Ahhh, midlife...a time of reflection and re-creation in many ways. It is also a time of exploration around the terms “Passion” and “Purpose”. “Passion” is defined as a strong, almost uncontrollable, emotion/feeling towards someone or something. “Purpose” is defined as the reason – the why - something exists, is created, used, intended. By these definitions, it makes sense that your Passion and Purpose will shift for you as you live more life. Being in my 50's, this has been a time of reflective/inner work and defining what is important to me – what my passions are and what I see as my purpose in life. What I felt was my passion in my 20's is not what I am passionate about now in my 50's. I was passionate about acting, singing, and dancing – basically performing. I loved the theater – and still do – but I no longer feel my purpose is to entertain others.


As I traverse this leg of my life's journey, Passion and Purpose – to me – means Empowering others and Connection to the Divine. My first husband's passing was the catalyst for a spiritual journey that put me on what I believe is my true soul path. I feel a call to connect other women to their own divine feminine energies; to know to their core that they are never alone – never powerless; and to understand the powerful, Goddess creators they are!


So, how do you find your passion and purpose? Here are some questions to journal:


  1. When do I feel most authentic?

  2. Where do I feel the happiest?

  3. What topics do I find myself speaking or thinking of the most?

  4. What inspiration, vision, idea keeps coming to me?

  5. Who inspires me with their passion and purpose?

  6. What do I want to be known for?

  7. Taking time, money or any other limitations out of the equation, if I could do ANYTHING I wanted, what would I do?

  8. What do I do naturally, with effortless ease?

  9. When I connect with my Future Self, what message does she have for me?

  10. What absolutely lights me up?


Call to Action


My mentor's request to you is to take these questions to your journal. Spend some time noticing what lights you up and what doesn't. Spend time in meditation connecting with your own Inner Goddess for guidance throughout this process. You may find that what excited you in your youth may not be what excites you now and that's alright. Remember, you are a growth-seeking being. It is how you are coded. You may also notice a central theme that flows through your various passions and it's simply the expression that has shifted for you.


I would love to hear what you discover as you take yourself through this process! As always, feel free to share on our FACEBOOK page.


Until next time...