Did you cringe when you read the above? If you did, then let me state this another way....You are the Divine in expression! As a divine being, you were born to be great! Success, abundance, and joy is your birthright. If you're not experiencing the wonderful life that is your divine inheritance, it is time to look at your beliefs around success, your definition of success and joy and abundance. Are the meanings you give to these concepts your own or are they the meanings taught to you that have been handed down generation after generation? What defines success, joy, and abundance for me may not be the same definition for you, so the first step is defining what those terms mean for YOU! Not for your parents, your teachers, your boss, your community, etc. but what they mean for YOU!

The truth is that these terms are all subjective. Everyone has their own definitions of success, joy, and abundance and that's perfectly fine. If you can accept that your definition may not be the same as someone else's, you must let go of judgment of others' quality of life. Again, you are an expression of Divinity and your Inner Goddess speaks to you each and every day through your emotions. When you feel good, when there's a smile on your face, a song in your heart and a sparkle in your eye, you are living a life in alignment and in many ways, that equates to a successful life. Those positive emotions are the indicator of alignment and being in alignment with who you really are is a benchmark of success. When you are in alignment, all good things flow to you. That doesn't mean there isn't effort to be made, action to be taken, or challenges along the path because there is; but there is also an ease about it. Everything feels good to you....including moving through those challenges that others may see as troublesome. However, you do not see it that way. Through your aligned eyes, the contrast provided a lesson or promoted clarity and therefore was a successful part of the journey. In many ways, it boils down to attitude and the lens through which you choose to view the world.

So, how do you choose to view your world? Do you see joy, success, and abundance all around you or are you seeing lack, grief, and sorrow? Are you walking around with a dark cloud over your head or are you skipping through life with eager anticipation of what is to come? Do you honor your divinity or cower from it?



Call to Action



My mentor's challenge to you is to view yourself as the Divine in Expression – to see yourself as a Goddess. Meditate on that concept. Give yourself the gift of feeling the love Source/God/All that Is holds for you. Allow that love to fill your heart and radiate throughout your entire being. Bask in that energy. Ask for assistance in viewing your life through your Goddess eyes. Open yourself to the concept of your own divinity. Choose to stand in your power as the Goddess creator you are.

And if seeing yourself as an expression of the Divine is difficult for you, perhaps being part of a circle of like-minded Goddesses can help. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to explore if the Goddess Circle is a fit for you!