Why did you come here? Why did you choose to have this physical experience? Did you come to struggle? Are you being punished for some transgression in a past life? What is your purpose in life?


Many of you know that I deeply resonate with the messages of Abraham. For those who may not know, Abraham is a collective of non-physical entities channeled by Esther Hicks. Their main message for humanity is to LIGHTEN UP! Life is supposed to be fun!


You take this life way too seriously when in fact it’s a drop in the bucket of the greater whole. You get so caught up in the perceived “reality” of this existence that you forget who you really are. You are spirit, first and foremost having a human, physical experience. You came here for the FUN OF IT! You knew that there would be great contrast that would challenge you to focus on what it is you truly wish to create and that in doing so, you would summon the force that creates worlds to flow through you. Why? Because you ARE that force that creates worlds expressed in physical form! You are an expression of the Divine and as such, you did not come here to struggle!


You get so caught up in the responsibilities of life that you forget to take the time to just be or to play! Do you give yourself permission to be playful? Do you incorporate play into your daily life? When was the last time you had a really good belly laugh? What emotion are you feeling right now in this moment? You’ve let that youthful, fun, childlike self get lost in the sea of adulthood.


As a deliberate creator, you know that when you ask, it is always given. You may not know the “how” but the “how” is not your business. It’s Spirit’s job to figure out the “how. Your job is to get into alignment with what you desire to create and expect that it is on its way to you. Your job is to find things to appreciate about your current reality so that your focus is on the positive. Again, it all comes back to the Power of Choice. Living a happy, joyful life is a CHOICE. It’s a choice that you make each and every day! It’s the commitment you make to yourself to care about how you feel because your emotions are your indicator of alignment. Give yourself permission to enjoy your life by caring about how you feel and taking the actions that have you fired up and feeling good! The time is now to lighten up and be playful! Bring out that Inner Child. Tap into your Inner Goddess/Adonis to consistently remind yourself that you are so much more than what your physical eyes perceive. Make the decision, right here; right now that NOTHING IS MORE IMPORTANT THAN THAT YOU FEEL GOOD!




Call to Action


My coach’s challenge to you is this:



Think of 1 way that you can incorporate something fun for you into your daily routine. What 1 action can you take each day that will put a smile on your face, or a spring in your step, or even have you giggling for no reason at all?


If you want to take this even further, what practices can you put in to place that will allow you to check in with your feelings? If you are not feeling positive, what can you do to shift your energy?


And for more extra bonus points, what would it take to plan a short getaway for yourself? Would a trip to a day spa benefit you?  Or a romantic weekend away with your partner?  Or perhaps, just a day out in nature with the family will do.  Pick something and go and do it! 


The main gist here is to begin to make your happiness a priority. It is time to care about how you feel and to begin incorporating fun into your daily life. When you feel good, good things flow to you. Happiness is contagious. BE THE CONTAGION!