The power to choose is an amazing blessing. As expressions of divinity, we have been given the gift of free will. In each and every moment, we have a choice. How are you choosing to wield this power?


You chose to have this physical experience. You designed this incarnation. You chose your body, your parents and your major life moments. You knew how powerful your choices would be and how powerful your ability to think, feel and focus would impact the experience. You knew going in that there would be plenty of challenges to face, contrast to experience and obstacles to overcome. Believe it or not, this excited you! WHY? Because you KNEW down to the core of your core that you could CHOOSE the way you wanted to perceive these occurrences. You could choose to view them as challenges/obstacles/bad luck OR you could choose to see opportunities/breakthroughs/quantum leaps.


When you choose to view your life experience through your Goddess eyes, you are making the conscious choice to see the positive in all of your experiences. In my article on your Goddess Gifts, I shared Edwene Gaines’ story from her book, The Four Spiritual Laws of Prosperity. She shared her story of abuse that she had perceived as a very negative experience. She didn’t believe she had the choice to see that experience from a different, empowering perspective. However, thanks to her support group leader, she was shown how she could CHOOSE to view that experience as the OPPORTUNITY it was for her to have a MAJOR BREAKTHROUGH that would allow her to make a QUANTUM LEAP in her own growth and development. Because of this shift in perception, she was now able to view that experience as the gift of empowerment that it truly was for her. Her experience is a beautiful example of the power to choose at work.


Now, let me be clear here. Many will tell you – or you may even be thinking this yourself – that this is a “POLLYANNA APPROACH” and you are foolish NOT to face the reality of what is right in front of you. I am NOT asking you to bury your head in the sand. I am asking you to make a conscious CHOICE to see your life through your GODDESS EYES rather than your HUMAN/EGO EYES. Your Goddess Eyes view everything as an opportunity for growth and expansion. Your Inner Goddess is asking you to see through the eyes of LOVE and when you view your life through the eyes of LOVE, your view of your life is an empowered view! You make the CHOICE to place your thoughts and focus on all the good each and every experience holds for you and that is a powerful view to maintain! It takes COURAGE AND STRENGTH to live a positive, love infused life. How will you CHOOSE to wield this power now?




Call to Action



My coach’s request to you is to make that conscious choice, right here, right now to see your life and all its experiences through your Goddess Eyes instead of your Human/Ego Eyes. Take a current issue that you are viewing as a challenge or obstacle and ask yourself, “What is the Opportunity here? What does my Spirit want me to see? How would LOVE perceive this situation?” Journal your responses and then re-frame the experience from this new found perspective. Remember, Happiness is a choice that you make each and every day. And as always, please feel free to share what you discover on the Facebook Page.